HYBE’s New Girl Group ILLIT Officially Debuts: Visuals and Music Resemble NewJeans, Competes with BABYMONSTER?  

At 6 PM KST on March 25th, HYBE officially unveils the rookie girl group, ILLIT, formed through the survival show R U Next.

ILLIT officially debuted at 6 PM KST on March 25th, featuring the mini album “Super Real Me” and the title track “Magnetic”. With the members chosen through the survival show R U Next, ILLIT quickly caught attention as HYBE’s third girl group.

Initially set to debut with 6 members, ILLIT underwent a lineup change just before debut as Youngseo withdrew from the group. The finalized lineup includes 5 members: Yunah, Minju, Moka, Wonhee, and Iroha.


“Magnetic” falls into the Hybrid Dance genre, blending elements of Pluggnb and House. With its catchy chorus, unique melody, and irresistible rhythm, “Magnetic” holds promise for future virality, carrying a message of confidence as teenage girls sprint toward their crushes, much like magnets.

Serian Heu, former creative director of Vogue Korea, is in charge of ILLIT’s visual direction. ILLIT’s debut showcases HYBE’s meticulous preparation, from photo concepts to aesthetically pleasing teaser videos. 

The MV for “Magnetic” is carefully crafted, showcasing ILLIT as a breath of fresh air, captivating viewers with their dreamy visuals. Youthfulness and a fairy-like aura are emphasized, as the five members showcase their visual appeal.


However, the concept and music of ILLIT draw striking parallels to NewJeans. Created by Min Hee Jin, NewJeans gained fame with the trademark Y2K nostalgic yet contemporary concept. Similarly, ILLIT exudes youthfulness, energy, and dreaminess with poetic undertones. Many netizens believe HYBE is applying the successful NewJeans formula to ILLIT.

Despite having just debuted, ILLIT quickly went viral on social media, thanks to the highlight medley of their title track “Magnetic”. It’s worth noting that HYBE’s chairman, Bang Si Hyuk, also contributed to ILLIT’s music. “Magnetic” has garnered high praise for its melody.


Fans anticipate ILLIT’s swift rise to fame under HYBE’s management. Compared to their rival rookie group BABYMONSTER under YG, ILLIT seems to have a more advantageous starting point. 

With just the chorus, ILLIT has already stirred up excitement online. Meanwhile, “BLACKPINK’s little sister” BABYMONSTER debut with “Batter Up” was deemed underwhelming. The clash between ILLIT and BABYMONSTER is imminent, especially with YG’s girl group releasing their debut mini-album and the return of their “ace member”, Ahyeon, on April 1st.

Source: K14

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