Jung So Min of “Alchemy of Souls”: smart and talented, yet led a regrettable romance

Actress Jung So Min’s life and career are both extremely admirable 

Passionate for the arts but still a top student 

Born in 1989, Jung So Min holds a strong fervor for the arts, and started learning to dance since middle school. With her talents and visuals, the actress soon received offers from various entertainment agencies, but turned them all down in favor of study. She eventually enrolled in the Acting Department at Korea National University of Arts (K-Arts), and even ranked first among applicants here. Even more impressive, the competition to enter K-Arts is said to be even more intense than that in medical schools, and yet Jung So Min managed to overcome them all. 

Jung So Min

Jung So Min debuted in 2010, and gained popularity within the same year. However, in 2011, she decided to go on a hiatus to focus on her studies. 

“Little Yoon Eun Hye” who struggles to establish her name in the industry 

During the early years of her career, Jung So Min drew attention for resembling famous actress Yoon Eun Hye, and thus earned the nickname “Little Yoon Eun Hye”. Unfortunately, Jung So Min did not manage to experience the same popularity, and despite taking on numerous works after her graduation and constantly proving her abilities, none of the actress’ projects truly stand out. 

jung so min

From “Golden Slumber”, “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes”, “My father is Strange”, to “Because This Is My First Life”, Jung So Min went through all sorts of roles, from major to minor, from cold to cute. And yet, due to her innocent and youthful visuals, most audiences affiliated Jung So Min with an innocent image, leading to her being unable to achieve an outstanding breakthrough. 

Jung So Min

 It was only 12 years after her debut that Jung So Min managed to strike a deep impression with “Alchemy of Souls”, and received recognition from domestic and international viewers alike. Unfortunately, she will not appear in the 2nd season of this drama, leaving a lot of fans in deep regret. 

A scandal-free career and regrettable romance 

Over 10 years in the industry yet Jung So Min never gets involved into any controversy. Instead, she’s known for her hardworking attitude and friendly image, and the only gossip surrounding the actress is about her relationship with the talented idol-actor Lee Joon.

Jung So Min

In particular, in October 2017, Dispatch unveiled that Jung So Min and Lee Joon were dating, to the great surprise of fans and the public. The couple, however, never received any negative response, and are well-loved for their great personalities, talents, and matching visuals. 

lee joon jung so min

Unfortunately, they separated 3 years later due to “busy schedules”, and decided to maintain a good relationship as colleagues and give each other support in their work.

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