“Living doll” Song Hye Kyo boasts alluring chic beauty with bangs in new pictorial 

Song Hye Kyo exudes her chic charm while looking attractive in a women’s clothing pictorial.

Song Hye Kyo is the brand muse of MICHAA, a high-end local women’s clothing brand, and her second campaign pictorial was released on October 31st.

Song Hye-kyo MICHAA

Immediately after the release of her first campaign pictorial, netizens showed explosive reaction, and the products that Song Hye Kyo wore in the pictorial became a hot topic one after another. In the second campaign, Song Hye Kyo’s trademark alluring beauty perfectly pulled off MICHAA’s vibes. The actress once again proves that she is a master of photoshoots. 

In the pictorial, Song Hye Kyo coordinated a patterned knit with a sophisticated atmosphere of a tailored coat in the pictorial to create a comfortable yet stylish daily look. 

She also perfectly completed the pictorial by wearing multiple tweed sets with feminine vibes and a classic double-breasted dress emphasizing her tiny waist line with seductive eyes and versatile poses.

Source: naver

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