Train to Busan American remake reveals new title and faces criticism from netizens

The international audience don’t seem to be looking forward to the American remake of Train to Busan and here’s why. 

The zombie thriller film Train to Busan is one of the biggest hits of Korean cinema that earns global popularity. The movie is not only famous for its thrilling storyline but also makes the viewers cry buckets of tears because of its heartbreaking ending. With the resounding success and excellent quality of Train to Busan, it’s not surprising that a Hollywood remake was confirmed.

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Recently, the official title of the American remake of Train to Busan has been revealed and sparked negative reactions. As reported by Deadline, the Hollywood remake of Korea’s zombie blockbuster is called Last Train to New York. Although this title sounds somewhat similar to the original, netizens are unhappy about the overuse of New York City as the backdrop of Hollywood filmmakers and the overall lack of creativity of this project. 

Moreover, Train to Busan is already a complete and excellent movie so the existence of a remake is deemed unnecessary. This is the biggest reason why many viewers are turning their backs on the American remake. 

Last Train to New York will be directed by Indonesian director Timo Tjahjanto. In Hollywood, he has not had any outstanding projects except the Safe Haven segment in the horror-thriller film V/H/S/2.

Some comments from netizens:

  • No child actress can surpass Kim Su An’s performance 
  • Please don’t remake one of the most excellent movies of the last decade
  • Hollywood filmmakers are so lazy, the original movie is already perfect, don’t touch it 
  • Without Gong Yoo, this remake will suck
  • I’m not going to watch it. Train To Busan is an exceptional horror film with an amazing and memorable cast. The ending breaks my heart, and I’m sure the U.S. remake won’t be able to do the same. 
  • Even the title sounds boring 
  • Netizens around the world criticize the remake of Train to Busan

Changing the main location of the film from Busan to New York is not as worrying as finding the right cast. Train to Busan’s success is partly thanks to the performance of talented actors, including top names such as Gong Yoo and Ma Dong Seok. Therefore, to cast an equally strong star-studded lineup in the Hollywood version will certainly be a difficult task. 

Last Train to New York will be written by screenwriter Gary Dauberman – who did many horror films including the Annabelle film series, It and The Nun. Currently, the movie has yet to announce its release date.


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