HYBE Labels’ &TEAM reveals teasers with overwhelmingly diverse visuals of 9 members

&TEAM, who are preparing for full-fledged activities in Korea, have released a large volume of comeback content.

At midnight on May 19th, the first video of &TEAM’s new album, “First Howling: WE”, was published on the boy group and HYBE Labels Japan’s official SNS, Then, posters and concepts for the “Thirsty” version were published one after another. 


In the posters and photos released on the day, members can be seen going on a bicycle trip against the backdrop of a vast runway and a ranch, exuding a mood that resembles a road movie. 

Meanwhile, the pile of broken bicycles foreshadows that the process of finding a “you” who resembles me won’t be easy. Overall, the strong will and positive energy of the nine boys that can be felt from within raise expectations for the overall story of the album. Props that incorporate members’ individuality and character, such as a telescope, a bicycle with a side chair, and a broken race bike, add fun to the interpretation.


On 12:10 AM (KST) of the same day, two concept clips were released on the official HYBE Labels YouTube channel, revealing the overwhelming visuals and beautiful aesthetics of the members. In the video, the members desperately search for “you” in their own ways, but miss each other by a hair’s breadth. In addition, words related to this album are written in various places such as the back of members’ hands, knees, and bicycles, enhancing immersion.

&TEAM posted a total of 33 photos and videos, providing plenty of “eye candy”. Fans around the world expressed great satisfaction with the comeback content that is satisfying both in quantity and quality, and expressed anticipation for the new album. 

Meanwhile, the second concept teaser of “First Howling: WE” will be unveiled at midnight on May 23rd, and posters, photos, and videos of the concept will be released at midnight on the 24th.

On the other hand, &TEAM is a global group first presented by HYBE Labels Japan last year. On June 14th, they will release their second mini-album “First Howling: WE”, which expresses the desperation to meet “you” who share the same feelings and the joy, as well as the excitement when “you” are finally found. &TEAM is planning to start full-fledged activities in Korea, starting from this album.

Source: Daum

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