“Hee-do, it was nice meeting you,” Kim Tae-ri confessed her thoughts about “Twenty-five, Twenty-one” 

Actress Kim Tae-ri expressed her regret as tvN’s “Twenty-five, Twenty-one” reached its final episode.     

On April 3rd, actress Kim Tae-ri confessed some thoughts on her appearance in “Twenty-five, Twenty-one,” which has become one of her representative works.

Kim Tae-ri said, “I still can’t believe it’s the last episode already.”

Kim Tae-ri, who said she has been running harder than anyone else for seven months while filming, shared, “I don’t think I’ll ever forget ‘Twenty-five, Twenty-one’. I’ve learned so many things, and I’ll use this drama as a stepping stone for me to try to become a better actor,” she said.

She added, “I was really happy to meet Hee-do, I was grateful, I was touched, I was sorry, and various thoughts about her.”

Kim Tae Ri-Twenty five twenty one

Kim Tae-ri also expressed her gratitude to the staff and viewers who have been through the drama together with her.

He said, “I did my best for this drama. I’m deeply moved that many viewers liked it, and I’m really grateful that the writers, directors, and all the staff have been doing everything without any major accidents and without getting hurt,” she repeatedly thanked them.

Finally, Kim Tae-ri expressed her affection for her character Na Hee-do, saying, “It was nice meeting you, Hee-do.”

Kim Tae Ri-Twenty five twenty one

Twenty-five, Twenty-one” is a drama depicting the wandering and growing phase of young people who lost their dreams in 1998 when they had to face economical difficulties.

In the drama, Kim Tae-ri captivated viewers with her various charms as Na Hee-do, a national fencing athlete.

Kim Tae Ri-Twenty five twenty one
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