A famous girl group, which disbanded 5 years ago, draws explosive reactions after posting “this photo” on Instagram

A famous girl group, which had been silent since their disbandment, made headlines as they delivered a surprising update for the first time in five years.


Hyolyn, a former member of SISTAR, posted two photos on her Instagram on April 3rd with the caption, “The first solo concert of our Soyou. Because you look so happy, I’m also happy”.

The released pictures showed SISTAR members visiting the concert hall to cheer for Soyou‘s first solo concert. Bora, Soyou, Dasom and Hyolyn showed off their strong friendship by hugging and leaning their faces on each other’s shoulders.


The members also caught the eyes of netizens as they boasted their long legs and proved their superior visuals with bright smiles.

In particular, the black-and-white filter attracted attention as it reminds fans of their memories with SISTAR. 5 years have passed since their disbandment, but the members still remained close friends, making fans sob.


Immediately after the photo was released, Internet users responded explosively with joy. Netizens on the online community theqoo left comments, such as “I miss you all”, “Please come back as a whole group as if nothing has happened “,”Summer Queen SISTAR, please come back”, “Please release a summer song”, “Please make a comeback”, “The trustworthy combination”, etc.


SISTAR made a spectacular debut in 2010 with the single “Push Push” then became famous after releasing numerous hit songs. However, it was regrettable that the girls suddenly announced the news of their group’s disbandment in 2017. 

Queendom 2

Meanwhile, Hyolyn recently drew attention as she perfectly performed SISTAR’s song alone on Mnet’s “Queendom

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