Actress Kim Ji-won touches everyone by revealing her feelings prior to the end of “My Liberation Notes

What meaning will JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “My Liberation Notes” (directed by Kim Seok-yoon, scripted by Park Hae-young) remain for Lee Min-ki, Kim Ji-won, Son Seok-gu and Lee El?

My Liberation Notes” has only the last page left. While the story of the three brothers and sisters, whose lives are unbearably hard to endure but now have found hope and salvage, is drawing attention through the “Worship” algorithm, the cast of “My Liberation Notes” shared their thoughts on the end of the drama.

My Liberation Notes

Lee Min-ki played the role of Yeom Chang-hee, the second among three siblings. In the 13th and 14th episodes, Yeom Chang-hee’s total transformation was depicted. Yeom Chang-hee decided to choose his own path, and refused to be dragged according to other people’s lives. Lee Min-ki showed such a character with his acting. Many analyzed that he has expressed the change in emotions of Yeom Chang-hee’s character well. Lee Min-ki said, “I’ve also been watching the drama as a viewer, so it’s a pity that it’s already the last week. I think I’ll be waiting for the last episode with the intention of giving it a beautiful last goodbye. I sincerely thank the viewers for their love. I hope everyone can sympathize with the rest of the story and share Chang-hee’s feelings,” he shared.

In the remaining 15th and 16th episodes, Yeom Chang-hee, who has become more mature than before, will be portrayed in different ways. Through the released trailer, the last 2 episodes are expected to show his changed relationship with Ji Hyun-ah (played by Jeon Hye-jin). Lee Min-ki said, “Episodes 15 and 16 show the drama story after some time has passed. You can meet the characters again who have changed during that time. You will feel their differences from the previous story,” he said. “After going through a series of events, Chang-hee finally understands his life. Please look forward to seeing how Chang-hee’s story will end,” he said.

My Liberation Notes

Kim Ji-won, who appeared as the youngest Yeom Mi-jung and helped mass-produce the “Worship Algorithm,” expressed a woman with low self-esteem starting a 180-degree changed life after begging to be worshipped, giving hope to those with low self-esteem. Kim Ji-won said, “Time really flies. I think the filming time wasn’t that short, but it’s a shame that the broadcast ends too quickly. I always thought it was a good series after reading the script and throughout the filming process, but it is another pleasure to watch the story of another character on broadcast. I felt the fun of watching it with the viewers. There were moments when I cried watching the drama, but I was also comforted a lot. I felt very good because I felt supported.”

My Liberation Notes

Kim Ji-won said, “I’m so grateful that everyone seems to have joined us in our steps toward liberation. Among the lines, there is one that says, ‘When spring comes, I will be a different person,’ and ‘My Liberation Notes’ seems to contain the message, “Spring will come after winter.” I don’t know which season each viewer is at, but if there are people that are in the cold seasons like winter, I hope the message of the drama will be delivered to them well. I hope it was a drama that encouraged people who are taking it slow in life.”

Kim Ji-won confessed, “During filming, I acted while also wondering about how each character will move toward their liberation. That question was also a question of ‘What is liberation to you?’ There seems to be a difference when you ask that question and think about it on your own,” she said. “In the remaining episodes, I hope the viewers can look forward to how each person will get closer to the liberation they want. And I think it would be nice for you to ask yourself what “liberation” means to you,” she shared.

My Liberation Notes

Thanks to his appearance,Son Seok-gu successfully stimulated the fantasy of female viewers by playing Mr. Goo. If it were not for Son Seok-gu’s natural appearance, the image of the ‘worship’ Mr.Goo might have become some kind of crazy delusion. Son Seok-gu said, “It feels so great to see my family and friends watch the drama carefully and have conversations with me to get to understand the character Mr. Goo”, adding, “I received so much support from the viewers after the drama broadcast. I’m happy to be known more with Mr. Goo”.

Mr. Goo and Yeom Mi-jung, who broke up to face their reality but recently reunited, established a new kind of relationship – worshiping. Son Seok-gu shared, “I want to thank the viewers who have written ‘My Liberation Notes’ together with me as well as Mr. Goo for giving me such valuable experience. Even after the broadcast ends, I hope this drama will become a diary that I can secretly take out and have a look at my past when I suffer a hard time.”

My Liberation Notes

Lee El, who plays Yeom Ki-jung, the character who needs liberation the most and has an amazing change in “My Liberation Notes”, is the reason why this work can slightly escape from getting called a fantasy. Yeom Ki-jung’s emotional lines, which can be seen somewhere in daily life, received favorable reviews. Lee El said, “I felt so happy seeing the rating rise little by little and the word-of-mouth effect that spread much faster than such numbers”, adding, “Thank you for your support for Ki-jung’s love. There are only two episodes left, but even after the broadcasts, three siblings of the Yeom family will be living well somewhere. If you happen to bump into me, please hug me tightly.”

My Liberation Notes

Yeom Ki-jung, a woman who dreams of liberation through love, is now building her happiness after meeting a reliable man named Jo Tae-hun (Lee Ki-woo) but she faces a huge challenge when meeting Jo Tae-hun’s family. Can Yeom Ki-jung achieve liberation with her love? Lee El shared, “I hope you all can be comforted as you keep watching the stories of the three siblings, their father, and Mr. Goo, who are no different from ordinary people, until the end as always. Maybe the three siblings will live a much more normal life than you do. I would be so thankful if you watch the drama while imagining their future story”.

The 15th episode of “My Liberation Notes” airs at 10:30 p.m on May 28th. The final episode will air on May 29th.

Source: Daum

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