Here’s how fans react to Jennie being criticized by anti-fans for wearing sexy outfits

Jennie fans’ unexpected reactions surprised everyone.

During the year-end time, BLACKPINK has been busy with their overseas schedules in order to show fans different images through many projects. Among 4 members, Jennie attracted the most attention. Although she didn’t update much, netizens still recognized that Jennie recently appeared with a more sexy image. A lot of people praised her Western-style outlook, while many Korean netizens raised opposite opinions.

In particular, some Internet users on the Korean online community Pann, pointed out that Jennie recently changed her style a lot, given that she tends to wear more sexy and revealing outfits. This is because many people prefer Jennie with her lovely and cute image and want her to change to her old style. In response to his negative reaction, Jennie fans expressed their disapproval of K-net’s opinions. Fans believe Jennie is a mature woman, and she has her own style. Therefore, changing her style is not something bad like K-nets commented.

  • Don’t force a 25-year-old girl to live the way you want her to. You have no position to tell her how she should dress. Jennie is still Jennie, she was like this before debut, and she is the same now.
  • It’s 2021, not the stone age anymore!
  • It’s true that Jennie gives off free-spirited vibes. It’s been the same since her debut. She never tries to build the image of a smart, quiet girl who only likes to stay at home and read, so why would you act like she has changed? 
  • Jennie is always more open when she is in the States. You say she’s being too sexy because you only see photos of her wearing sexy clothes, but those are not everything she wears. When she’s back in Korea, she still dresses discreetly. Just scroll through her Instagram instead of blindly criticizing her.

Jennie‘s sexy moments in the States always went viral and were spread all over social media. Perhaps these netizens only came across those images and jumped to the conclusion that Jennie only wore sexy and revealing outfits. But in fact, during the last 3 trips abroad, Jennie dressed sexy only a few times. Most of the time, she dressed casually. 

Instead of wasting time arguing with anti fans, Jennie‘s fans showed a hilarious reaction. They posted photos of two famous Hollywood It girls, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber, wearing giant oversized jackets and captioned “Jennie’s outfits when she hangs out in the future”. Perhaps Jennie has to actually dress like this in order to please the netizens who always scrutinize her style. 


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