IU Successfully Celebrated 15th Anniversary with Unforgettable Fan Concert ‘I+UN1VER5E’

IU celebrated her 15th debut anniversary and successfully completed the unforgettable festival with her fans, Uaena

IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment, stated on the 25th, “On the 23rd and 24th of this month, the two-day fan concert ‘I+UN1VER5E 2023 IU’ was successfully held at KSPO DOME in Seoul’s Songpa-gu,” and added, “It was a time for the artist and fans to come together, looking back on the past and envisioning the moments to come.”


‘I+UN1VER5E’ was a fan concert where the artist and fans revisited the memories they had made together within the universe called ‘IUaena’ and planned their future together. The overall structure of the concert and fan meeting also made the artist and fans one within the universe of ‘IUaena.’ Tickets were sold out from the pre-sale for the official fan club ‘Uaena,’ achieving a record of 350,000 simultaneous online users.

On this day, IU appeared in a lovely dress and sang her hit song ‘Celebrity.’ She greeted the audience with a bright smile and said, “Everyone, how have you been? This is my first fan concert since my debut. It’s a performance that’s different from a concert and also different from a fan meeting. I chose a song related to stars as the first song, matching the concept.” At this moment, fans in the audience passionately responded with the colorful light of official lightsticks and enthusiastic cheers.


She continued to perform familiar hit songs such as ‘Secret Garden,’ ‘Strawberry Moon,’ ‘Bbi Bbi,’ ‘Coin,’ ‘Blueming,’ ‘Love Poem,’ and ‘Heart.’ She also reached the climax with a stage performance of the unreleased song ‘Havana.’

In addition to showcasing her excellent talk show skills, IU performed cover songs that had never been seen before, as well as cover dances for ‘Rover’ and ‘Candy,’ showcasing her versatility. She interpreted what fans most wanted to see in a fan concert.

Before the last song, IU said, “This year has been the happiest time that I won’t forget. I think I can run again with this energy. Thank you for celebrating my 15th anniversary, and please continue to watch over me. Let’s write new and exciting little histories together. Thank you. See you again even after 15 years.”


In addition to all this, IU surprised fans who attended the concert with a special gift of merchandise and shared her sincere feelings for ‘Uaena,’ with whom she has been together since her debut. The audience also responded warmly during the encore requests on both days, where IU sang ‘This Right Now’ and ‘Epilogue’ acappella, creating heartwarming scenes.

IU, who always delivers unexpected encores, selected different songs for the two days of the concert and ended each day with a full encore performance. It was a moment that shone brightly, filled with the trust and time that the artist and fans had built up. It left fans excited about how IU and Uaena’s moments would further evolve in the future.

An official from the agency said, “Both domestic and international Uaenas came together under the name ‘IU Universe’ for the two-day event, making it a true festival where everyone became close. Thanks to the love of the fans, IU will continue to repay with good activities.”

Source: daum

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