These stars always get asked what lens brand they were wearing whenever they appear 

Their natural eye colors are gorgeous!

Below are celebrities with mysterious and exotic eye colors that are not ordinary black or dark brown. Everyone thought they wear color lenses, but they actually don’t because that is their natural eye color!

Seo Kang-joon is well-known for his mysterious brown kaki eyes, which give off a very melo-romantic vibe.

Seo Kang-joon

Seo Kang-joon once recommended the German movie “We Are The Night”, saying that he is interested in the vampire characters. Perhaps it was because of the color of his eyes.

Seo Kang Joon

Fans also recommend that he appear in vampire movies, saying his eyes are like that of vampires!

Go Ah-ra is a goddess with charming brown eyes.

Go ah-ra has big eyes that seem like pearls that are about to overflow from her eyes and brown color with gives off a pure atmosphere. Therefore, she is often misunderstood that she is wearing color lenses.

go ara

Lee Sung-kyung, with her transparent brown eyes, is a representative of people with warm tone.

Brown and orange hair that resembles her eyes color looks good on her. Thanks to this, her fair skin stands out even more. 

lee sung kyung

Lee Yu-young also has eyes that can make everyone fall in love with her.

Due to her mysterious eyes color, she was given two roles, a human and an AI, in the MBC cinematic drama ‘SF8’. 

Lee Yoo young

Lee Yoo Young has unique eyes. 

“If you look at Lee Yoo-young’s unique eyes for long enough, you will understand what mysterious feeling we are talking about,” director Min Gyu-dong shared. Maybe that’s why the director entrusted her with the role of an AI. 

Lee Yoo young instagram

Han Ji-min, who turned into a haenyeo on tvN’s “Our Blues,” is also a star who comes to mind when talking about unique eye colors, which is why she always appears as a keyword whenever someone looks for color lenses.

han ji min instagram

“Since I was a rookie, I’ve been told that they can only see my eyes. When I thought about it in another way, I thought, ‘Is everything about me bad except for my eyes?’ I think my eyes’ bright color is genetic,” she shared. 

han ji min

Lee Young-ae has such bright brown eyes and clear, transparent skin that fellow actors are also said to be quite surprised to see Lee in person.

Lee Young Ae

She has mysterious eyes color that is close to a foreigner-like brown, which gives her the ability to grab people’s attention with just her eyes. 

Actor Kim Sung-oh’s eyes are even more unique than Lee Sung-kyung’s brown eyes. 

kim seong oh

Because he usually plays a villain, many would think his eyes have a dark color, but Kim Sung-oh’s eyes are a very clear brown color!

Source: daum

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