TWICE’s Jihyo shows off her stunning figure with toned abs in a sexy top 

Jihyo’s perfectly toned body stuns again. 

On June 6th, TWICE’s Jihyo updated her personal Instagram with new photos of herself without any captions. The photos are filled with Jihyo’s naturally sexy and lovely charm with a bob cut and messy half up hairstyle. Jihyo is smiling brightly as she poses in jeans and a beige knit short-sleeved top. 

In particular, attention is paid to Jihyo’s skinny body and toned abs in a top that reveals her tiny waist. Jihyo has been incredibly fit these days and constantly received praise for her stunning figure. 

Prior to this, Jihyo also gained keen attention by sharing photos of her first golf sessions. The leader of TWICE seems to be taking a break after the group completed their world tour. TWICE recently wrapped up a North America tour with about 150,000 fans.


Source: nate

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