Former Melody Day member Yoomin talks about relationship with Jang Dong-gun + income from BJ activities

Former Melody Day member Yoomin revealed her income after converting to BJ and her relationship with actor Jang Dong-gun.

On Sep 6th, a video titled “We meet Yoomin. Jang Dong-gun‘s niece… The member who looks like Han Ye-seul of girl group Melody Day, her reversal current status after disbandment” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Current Status Olympics”.

On this day, the current status of Yoomin, who converted to BJ, was revealed. Recalling the fact that she became a hot topic as actor Jang Dong-gun’s niece when she was active with Melody Day, Yoomin explained, “If I were really close to him, I’d have casually talked about our relationship first, but the meeting at the wedding was the last time I met him.”

She recalled the time when she was promoting with Melody Day, “I felt regretful about not being able to promote until the end and disbanding. I was active in my 20s. It was a flowery age. I started to be a trainee at the age of 19 and joined Melody Day after 3~4 years. Now that I think about it again, I’d have made the same choice even if I went back. I have no regrets.”

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She also talked about the moment she met BTS at Gocheok Dome, “They performed right after us. However, one of our members was standing absent-mindedly on stage without getting the timing right. At that time, BTS beckoned her, ‘Get out quickly.'”

Regarding the reason why she converted to BJ after a two-year hiatus, Yoomin confessed, “I thought, ‘What should I do now’, ‘What can I do well’, ‘Now I have to be good to my parents’, ‘I’m getting older’… I still like singing and dancing so much, so I thought about making money doing what I like.”


That’s how she started broadcasting on the Internet, but she had a lot of worries. She said, “In fact, I hesitated whether to do it or not. The biggest reason was because I was afraid of harming the members. When I started, not many people looked at me positively, and my parents were severely against it.”

She added with a satisfied expression, “I didn’t even tell my close friends that I was doing BJ. When someone asked after me, I replied, ‘I’m playing without doing anything.’ But now, I say that I’m doing broadcasts. I’m having so much fun broadcasting.”


In particular, she revealed honestly her income from BJ activities, “Honestly, I had no income during Melody Day days. Rather, I only had hundreds of millions of won in debt. It wasn’t that the company didn’t give me money or that our relationship was bad. Rather, they supported me a lot. I don’t earn that much money after working as a BJ, but I can say that I earn a little more compared to my peers.”

Meanwhile, former Melody Day member Yoomin turned into BJ after girl group activities and is active on the Internet broadcasting platform “Popkon TV”.

Source: dispatch

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