Yeonwoo appears in new stills of “Gold Spoon” as a highschool girl with a greedy obsession

Actress Yeonwoo, who is a former MOMOLAND member, will transform into an arrogant yet attractive character.

On September 7th, the MBC new Friday-Saturday drama “Gold Spoon”, released the stills for the character Oh Yeojin (played by Yeon Woo). 

The K-drama “Gold Spoon”, which is adapted from a webtoon of the same name, revolves around a child from a poor family, who accidentally changed his fate with a friend from a wealthy family and became an acquired “gold spoon”. 

In this series, Oh Yeojin is the only daughter from a wealthy family, who has an arrogant personality. She is a high school girl who is ranked first not only in appearance but also in grades, yet has a secret she can’t tell. 

Yeonwoo is expected to pull off this character full of desires. 

In the recently-released stills, the actress draws attention with her relaxed yet coy charm, at the same time flaunting her gorgeous beauty that’s perfectly incorporated into her character. 

According to Yeonwoo, she constantly asks herself, “What would it have been like if it were me?” while acting, and finds this aspect of “Gold Spoon” extremely attractive and interesting. 

“Yeojin is obsessed with the desire to rise to a high position. She doesn’t hesitate to become a bad person for what she wants to achieve”, the actress said. 

At the same time, Yeonwoo added, “On the other hand, there’s a wound that is hidden deep inside. Yeojin is a very three-dimensional person, who is also swayed by emotions.”

“Gold Spoon” is set to premiere on September 23rd at 9:50 PM (KST). The drama will also be available on streaming platforms Disney TV+ and wavve. 

Source: dispatch

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