Park Eun Bin shed tears as she sent off her lifetime character Woo Young Woo 

“I memorized 6 A4 sheets of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’”, Park Eun Bin revealed. 

In the new episode of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” broadcast on October 5th, Park Eun Bin made a guest appearance. Park Eun Bin said, “As much as ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ was loved, the favor seemed to be directed towards me, so I was having happy days.”

This year’s most talked-about drama, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, started with an average nationwide rating of 0.9% and ended with 17.5%. Overseas reactions to the drama were also explosive, to the extent that there were remake proposals from the United States and Germany.

Park Eun Bin decided to play Woo Young Woo after the production team waited a year for her. She said, “It was the first time I lacked that much confidence as to whether I could handle the role. I needed confidence in myself whether I could give the right influence through the drama. I think because I didn’t want to hurt anyone, I hesitated (to take on the role).”

In addition, Park Eun Bin said, “It was a torture for human Park Eun Bin” when asked if there’s anything she would like to say to those who was thinking about appearing in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

“It was very difficult to memorize the lines without delay because I was asked to fire them as if I were reading an article in an encyclopedia in my head,” the actress said, adding, “It was fun to read the script, but I was suffocated every time I added a block of lines. Within a week, I had to memorize 6 or 7 sheets of A4 paper.

Park Eun Bin also expressed that she believed the drama could help improve her abilities as an actress, so there seems to be a sense of accomplishment.

Having debuted 27 years ago as a child actress, Park Eun Bin was asked if she has ever been shaken, and confidently answered, “I am proud to have worked without a hiatus. I think that was the secret. I think the secret was to always be able to hear my inner voice because I wanted to find a way that suits me.”

Finally, with the question “Is there anything you would like to say about the hard-working lawyer Woo Young-woo?”, she said, I used to cry quite a lot when thinking about her. I’m used to doing everything by myself, so after all those lonely moments, thinking of Woo Young-woo was like a faucet button. But I was so happy that I was still myself until the very end and I’m so grateful that Woo Young-woo received a lot of everyone’s love and affection.”

Park Eun-bin said, “Attorney Woo Young-woo, from the moment I met you, until now, and in the future too, I will always love you and hope that you will always be happy!”

Source: daum

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