Han So-hee’s Lip Piercing Meets Nana’s Full-Body Tattoos: Is This ‘Crazy Combination’ for Real?

Is this an unbelievable duo for real? Han So-hee and Nana’s unique bond shines

On the 24th, actress Han So-hee posted a photo of herself with singer and actress Nana on her personal social media account.

Interestingly, just as Han So-hee’s lip piercing had garnered attention, and she was mentioned in connection with Nana, who had previously gotten a full-body tattoo, she uploaded a friendship photo with Nana. In particular, Han So-hee draws attention with her lips pierced like a cute goblin, protruding slightly.

han so hee

In response, fans commented, “The chemistry between these two seems amazing,” “As two actors with overflowing personalities, they must connect with each other,” “It’s great to see two actors with strong visuals confidently expressing their individuality.”

Meanwhile, Nana, who had gained attention for her full-body tattoos, shared in a recent YouTube video on the channel ‘Jo Hyun-ah’s Thursday Night’ that her mother had cautiously asked her, “I want to see your clean body again.” She revealed, “At the time I got the tattoos, it was a difficult period emotionally. Some might say I overcame it in a foolish way, but getting tattoos was the only way for me to relieve my emotions.”


Nana recently received praise for her charismatic acting in the Netflix series ‘Mask Girl,’ while Han So-hee is gearing up for a comeback in the Netflix drama ‘Kyeongseong Creature,’ set to be released in December. The drama depicts the story of people facing off against monsters that suddenly appeared in Seoul in 1945.

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