A survey proves that Korean entertainment shows are sexist

A survey found that Korean entertainment and life information programs still contain sexist content.

The Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCC) released the results of the “Broadcasting Program Gender Equality Survey” commissioned by the Korean Women’s Communications Association on the 13th.


According to the survey, entertainment shows have tended to be male-dominated in terms of sex and role proportion for the cast. In entertainment programs, male guests (608 people, 62.7%) were 1.7 times higher than female guests (362 people, 37.3%).

On the other hand, in life information programs, the number of male participants (112 people, 44.1%) was lower than that of female participants (142, 55.9%).

In addition, the report pointed out that entertainment programs showed ‘man-centered, stereotyped forms of entertainment’ in which main MCs and fixed casts, both men in their 40s and 50s, lead the programs.

According to a survey of sexist content, both entertainment programs and life information programs expressed traditional gender stereotypes that women are in charge of housework and men are in charge of external affairs.

Therefore, it was highlighted as a special case when men participate in domestic work, such as a “good husband” and a “home husband’.

The entertainment program uses extraordinary-looking women as the subject of fun and laughter, either humor or entertainment.

It also criticized these programs for requesting the young female cast to do “aegyo” and “sex dance.”

According to the result, 61.5% of entertainment programs and 50% of life information programs surveyed included sexist content.

The survey was conducted on 39 entertainment programs and 20 life information programs that were broadcast in May last year on three terrestrial broadcasters, including KBS, MBC and SBS, as well as general programming channels such as JTBC, TV Chosun, Channel A, and MBN, each for two episodes.

We will take this survey into consideration and try to help lay off gender discrimination and advance an equal society,” said an official of the commission.

Source: sportskyeonghyang

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