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Show Me The Money 11: “Lee Young-ji proves her rap skills as a strong candidate for the championship”

Rapper Lee Young-ji will reveal her rap skills as a strong candidate for the championship.

On Mnet’s Show Me The Money 11, which is scheduled to air on Nov 11th, stages of the second round will be presented, from Lee Young-ji to QM.

In episode 3 of “Show Me The Money 11”, the stages that viewers have been waiting for will unfold. The production team heralded, “Lee Young-ji proves why the long wait was not wasted with her rap skills as a strong candidate for the championship.”

The diss battle between Justhis and QM, which was a major talking point in the hip-hop scene, is also expected to end through “Show Me The Money 11”. QM is a participant who has been mentioned as a strong candidate for this season. He released a diss song about Justhis, who sniped his label VMC in the past. However, at that time, Justhis did not respond to QM’s diss because of the “weight class difference”.

The meeting between Justhis and QM is also of great interest in that it is their first meeting since the diss battle. When QM got on stage, participants at the scene could not hide their excitement.

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QM referred to the “weight class difference”, “I came out to show my rap to more people in order to improve my weight class.” Hearing this, producers looked at Justhis. Attention is focused on what kind of painting Justhis and QM, who faced each other as producer and participant, will draw, and whether QM will be able to prove the first round’s pass necklace with a stage that fits his reputation.

The third mission “Guerrilla Beat Cypher”, which will be unveiled for the first time on “Show Me The Money 11”, will also add fun. It is drawing explosive reactions from fans just by releasing the preview video.

show me the money 11

In the video, Polodared kicked off the game as the representative of the Lil Boi & GroovyRoom team, but he made a mistake in the lyrics. Seeing this, NSW yoon (The Quiett & Leellamarz team) confidently grabbed the microphone and performed the drill rap properly, heightening the scene’s atmosphere.

The rapper evaluation team consists of those who were eliminated, and the participation of 2-million-subscriber YouTuber DDotty, who was unfortunately eliminated in the first round, also attracted attention.

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