“Angry and bitter,” Mother of the late Lee Ji Han wrote a mournful letter

The mother of the late actor Lee Ji Han wrote a letter full of her sorrow and desperate longing for her son.

On Nov 11th, the mother of the late Lee Ji Han said on her son’s channel, “Ji Han, it’s your mother. I’m leaving a letter like this just in case Ji Han can read this somewhere. I want to let everyone know that this will never happen to anyone again,” she wrote.

'Produce 101' Lee Ji-han

She continued, “Ji Han. You were born with a high nose and handsome face. You were so gentle in my stomach that I even touched my stomach to see if you were doing okay in there. When I raised you, you were so gentle and nice that I thought I could raise 20 kids like this,” she wrote. “You had worked so hard and put in so much effort ahead of the filming of ‘Season of Kkokdu’. You didn’t skip even a day of working out. You were trying to control your diet, so you said, ‘Mom, can I eat more of this?’ I was always heartbroken because I heard that so many times,” she recalled.

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“It’s finally time for your efforts to pay off, and the show is about to air. What a bolt from the blue. I still can’t believe it because it’s so absurd,” she said. “My heart is still pounding because I’m scared of the sun rising as I put your picture by my head and hug your cell phone when I fall asleep. You asked me did I know how much you love me, and now, whenever I go into your bedroom, I always think about how I can ever let you go, my no. 1 treasure who had left before me?”

She continued, “When I saw hundreds of acquaintances, friends, and brothers who loved you at the funeral, I thought, ‘Our Ji Han was living so well,’ and I felt even more frustrated and didn’t want to find the meaning of life anymore. Should I find a way to die, too? If I can’t die, I think I should organize everything and leave for a place where no one knows and live without having to breath heavily like I am now,” he said.

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She then said, “I’m scared of the sun rising in the morning. Whenever I think, ‘I’m so hungry, but what if I put rice in my mouth?’, I feel like sewing up my mouth. How can I live after letting you go, Ji Han ah? Even when he wanted something, Ji Han told me that he would make money and buy things for me because he was afraid that I would feel burdened. People say do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. He even did such nice things. Angel Ji Han always cared for his parents and thought of others before himself. How can I let you go?”, expressing her desperate longing for her son.

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Lee Ji Han’s mother said, “Should I feel thankful for your coffin being escorted on a limousine by police cars and motorbikes? Or should I feel unfair that you wouldn’t have gotten this kind of an escort if you hadn’t been in that Itaewon alley? I feel so angry and bitter”, adding “I love you son. I respect you, son. I miss you, son. You did well, son. Can’t we see each other again? Can God return Ji Han and just take me instead? I beg you”. She ended her letter by saying, “Son, I hope you are happy and at peace in that place where there is no pain. Mom will follow you”.

The letter was also read at the launching ceremony of the national campaign to collect signatures requesting for the government’s investigation into the Itaewon disaster held on November 11th in Yeouido, Seoul. 

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The late actor Lee Ji Han died at the age of 25 on the evening of October 29th due to a crowd crush disaster in Itaewon, Seoul. His agency 935 Entertainment said, “Our precious family member Lee Ji Han has left us and become a star in the sky”, adding “We would like to express our deep sympathy to the bereaved family, who are deeply saddened by the sudden heartbreaking news, and all the people who also love, cherish and mourn Lee Ji-han”.

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The deceased was filming MBC’s upcoming drama “Season of Kkokdu” together with actress Im Soo Hyang. Upon hearing the sad news, Im Soo Hyang also delivered her condolences, saying “We were supposed to spend a whole day filming the drama with you but right after hearing the news, we all gathered at your mortuary. With complicated feelings, we sat there for a long time without saying anything”, adding “I know how hard you had worked and how much you had wanted to do well. I feel so sad, so upset that it was just your beginning but you were already taken back (to heaven) so quickly”.

Meanwhile, the late actor Lee Ji Han, who was born in 1998, made his face known after appearing in Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2” in 2017 and the web drama “Today Was Another Nam Hyun Day”.

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