Jenna Ortega has actually been “Wednesday” since 6 years ago? 

The role of Wednesday may be pre-destined for Jenna Ortega, said netizens as they pointed out a strange coincidence. 

The Netflix original series “Wednesday” has been the talk of town, effectively boosting its leading actress Jenna Ortega to stardom. However, “Wednesday” is more than just a role to the actress, and actually has quite the “fate” with her. 

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In particular, “Wednesday” is not the first time Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday, it’s actually the 2nd time! Back in 2016, the actress played a major role in Disney’s “Stuck in the Middle”, and played the role of Harley Diaz – the 4th child in a family of 7 children. 

jenna ortega
Jenna Ortega assumes the role of middle child Harley Diaz in a Disney series 6 years ago 

As the very middle of the bunch, Harley Diaz often feels unconfident, constantly comparing herself to her more mature older siblings and her cute and more coddled younger siblings. This results in Harley and her friends all calling her “Wednesday” – referring to her position to the family. 

“If my family was a week, then I’d be Wednesday”, Harley said, even earning the nickname of “Hump Day Harley”, as Wednesday is often called the dreaded “Hump Day” in the American office. 

jenna ortega
“If my family was a week, then I’d be Wednesday”

As Harley Diaz, Jenna Ortega is deadly afraid of being forgotten and isolated, and has a peculiar personality and dreams. She likes inventing and wants to go to Mars, and eventually meets a lot of people that click with this unique side of her. Eventually, she also realizes that her family loves her, and that being “Wednesday” is not that horrible of a thing after all. 

jenna ortega
The 2016 “Wednesday” was also an odd-one-out in her school and went her own growth

Now, 6 years later, Jennua Ortega returned to being “Wednesday”, but this time as “Wednesday Addams”. This character is also an odd one out, but is surely loved by her family and friends, and battled her own monsters. In fact, even Disney saw the coincidence, and published a video of Harley Diaz calling herself Wednesday in “Stuck in the Middle”, as Jenna Ortega built her name in Netflix’s “Wednesday”. 

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Meanwhile, according to the production team of “Wednesday”, Jenna Ortega has always been their first choice of leading actress. Ortega herself also had quite a story to tell about the audition, sharing that she went to casting while looking extremely messy since she just finished another filming. Seeing that ragged state of Jenna Ortega, even the “spooky master” Tim Burton experienced quite a scare. 

Nevertheless, she managed to make a deep impression and got casted for her now iconic “Wednesday” role. 

Source: k14

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