“Wednesday” Jenna Ortega was by Billie Eilish for the 2022 version of Wednesday Addams 

The leading actress of Netflix’s “Wednesday”, Jenna Ortega, reveals that she takes inspiration from famous pop star Billie Eilish 

After decades of legacy and various adaptations, “The Addams Family” franchise has returned as a Netflix series called “Wednesday” in 2022. Instead of focusing on the entire family, however, this series stays true to its name, and highlights the growth of Wednesday Addams, the eldest daughter. 

So far, the drama has received rave reviews from both the general public and critics. 

wednesday addams

“Wednesday” revolves around the unique and “odd-one-out” Wednesday Addams, who recently enrolled in a new school. Here, she hones her psychic ability, and becomes involved in mysterious cases at this new school. The series is a perfect harmony of comedy, thriller, and mystery, leading to excellent scores on review platforms such as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

One of the biggest contributors to the success of “Wednesday” is none other than Jenna Ortega, who is the center of the show. In particular, the actress manages to deliver a unique and interesting Wednesday, without being outshined by her seniors and the older versions of this character. 

wednesday addams

In addition, Christina Ricci – who played Wednesday in the iconic 1991 version of “The Addams Family”, also made a special appearance in “Wednesday”. However, according to Collider, Jenna Ortaga herself stated that she never asked Ricci about her portrayal of Wednesday, saying, “I didn’t want to rip her off and I didn’t want to be too much like her.”

Born in 2002, Jenna Ortaga is now called Gen Z’s “scream queen” and the “IT girl” of the horror genre by American media, after starring in various remarkable projects such as “Insidious 2” and “Scream”. 

jenna ortenga

In addition, Jenna Ortage revealed in an interview with USA Today that pop star Billie Eilish was on her “mood board” for the 2022 version of Wednesday Addams. In particular, Billie Eilish’s popular gothic look and wardrobe, as well as her love for the color black, is greatly present in the character design of Wednesday. 

billie eilish

On the other hand, Billie Eilish has established a name for herself at an extremely young age, even securing 2 Guiness World Record for “most consecutive Grammy nominations for Record of the Year (female)” and “Youngest person to win the ‘Triple Crown’ of film music awards”. The latter was achieved after Billie Eilish took home an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and a Grammy for her hit Jame Bonds OST, “No Time to Die”.

wednesday addams

Billie Eilish is the inspiration for Wednesday Addams in the 2022 series “Wednesday”

Meanwhile, Ortega’s improvised dance during the prom scene of “Wednesday” has gone viral across the net. Many people found the actress’ weird dance movements extremely fitting of her character, Wednesday, and extremely enjoyable to watch. 

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