Han So Hee’s dangerous and violent image in new stills for her upcoming drama, the “bad girl” look is back!

The viewers have high expectations for Han So Hee’s upcoming role.

After the first poster received a positive response, Netflix recently uploaded a series of new still cuts of Han So Hee in the actress’s first action thriller series titled My Name. In these stills, Han So Hee shows off brand new looks, whether it’s an image of a sassy schoolgirl, or a dark and bloody look, and especially, her transformation into a tough fighter is getting much attention from the audience.

A totally different Han So Hee…
She is expected to deliver impressive action scenes

My Name is a series that follows Yoon Ji Woo (Han So Hee) – a young girl who suddenly lost her father after a very mysterious accident.  In order to seek revenge for her father, she went from being a schoolgirl to a member of an organized crime ring that had to go undercover and join the police department. She is determined to find out the cause of her father’s death. During that journey, she met her companion, detective Jeon Pil Do (Ahn Bo Hyun) – who soon fell in love with her at first sight.

The drama’s poster

As an actress who used to be involved in several controversies over her acting, after these stills were released, viewers are somewhat reassured about Han So Hee’s upcoming performance.  Many netizens are also reminded of her past photos when she had a “bad girl” image with many tattoos and expect Han So Hee’s full potential to be revealed through this role.

Han So Hee’s extremely cool past photos

Viewers left comments:

  • No longer a shy “butterfly” girl, she’s changed
  • Reminds me of her pre-debut pictures which are so cool, hopefully this drama will be just as cool
  • I love this bad girl look so much, she looks amazing 
  • So Hee’s eyes are not very expressive, she still looks awkward. But that’s only based on these stills, I hope it will be different one the series comes out
  • This is the real image of Han So Hee, any criticized her acting for being awkward will regret 
  • I feel like this role would suit her really well, I hope she’ll pull off the action scenes 

My Name will be released on Netflix on October 15.

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