IU and Brave Girls are expected to “dominate” the 2021 MelOn chart, but netizens suddenly mentioned BTS

Netizens are actively debating about the battle of Kpop “digital monsters” – IU, Brave Girls, BTS

Almost half of 2021 has passed, beloved hits have appeared, and are expected to become formidable opponents at year-end awards ceremonies.  On digital music charts, there is already competition for rankings among outstanding songs, MelOn chart is not an exception.  Kpop fans are very interested in which song will reach first place on this chart.

Recently on a Kpop forum, a post about which songs will take the No.1 position on the annual chart of the MelOn system has attracted attention.  When looking at the cumulative scores, the two top contenders are IU’s Celebrity and Rollin’ by Brave Girls.  These two songs currently possess impressive high scores and are expected to compete for first place on MelOn’s annual chart.

Knetizens have left a lot of comments:
  • Rollin Rollin Rollin <?>
  • However, the number of cumulative users is still too different
  • I’m a dance music fan, and I don’t like light songs, but I love ‘Celebrity’
  • It’s summer so Rollin will continue to rise and looks like it will be #1
  • Personally, I prefer Rollin
  • It’s summer now, so I’ll listen to Rollin
  • But I don’t know much about music charts, but will it be one of these two songs? But even when BTS makes a comeback, can’t BTS catch up with them?
  • If you look at the trend, it’s Rollin
  • When BTS makes a comeback, the story will change again
  • Rollin will do better in the summer and Celebrity will do better in the fall and winter

Obviously, fans are talking excitedly about the rankings of the two songs.  Knets think that each song is the key, but it seems Rollin’ will be better because the song is “storming” in Korea, very suitable for the bustling summer.  Rollin’ helped Brave Girls go upstream from an about-to-disband girl group to become the most sought-after name after 10 years of debut. Recently, the song quickly went viral, breaking all the digital music records of the previous girl groups, becoming a super hit in the first half of 2021.

As for Celebrity, this is the song that paved the way for IU to release the full album LILAC.  Celebrity also quickly achieved a series of great digital music achievements. It has helped IU maintain her leading position in the digital segment. This is also a rare song that IU shows her dancing ability instead of focusing only on her sweet voice.  Therefore, this is also the attraction that helps Celebrity win the hearts of the Korean public. 

However, netizens suddenly thought that it was not until BTS came back to know the results. The boys of BTS are preparing to make a comeback with the English single Butter, paving the way for the group’s next album. Fans and the public expect that Butter will achieve impressive achievements like Dynamite – the super hit that BTS has released before.

Therefore, we still have to wait for the results of BTS’s upcoming comeback. After that, we can conclude about the leading position for MelOn’s annual chart!

Source: Theqoo

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