Han So Hee Profile: From a rebellious model to a K-drama rising star

Having a difficult childhood and moving to Seoul alone to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, Han So Hee has worked hard to become a sought-after actress.

Who is Han So Hee?

  • Real Name: Lee So Hee – Hangul: 한소희
  • Stage Name: Han So Hee
  • Date of Birth: 18/11/1994
  • Nation: Ulsan, South Korea
  • Occupation: Model – actress
  • Agency: U-ATTO Entertainment
  • Debut: 2016
  • Instagram: xeesoxee
han so hee

Heading from Ulsan to Seoul, Han So Hee started out as model before making her acting debut. Han So Hee succeeded quickly. She also drew attention for looking similar to ITZY’s Ryujin and Song Hye Kyo. Many viewers called her “the younger version of Song Hye Kyo” due to their resemblance.

han so hee

Han So Hee took advantage of her good looks and mesmerizing aura to become an advertisement model and star in a number of music videos. She was later cast in TV dramas. Han So Hee officially shot to fame when she played an antagonistic character, the mistress Da Kyung in the 2020 hit drama The World of the Married. She later garnered more fame by leading two popular dramas in 2021, Nevertheless and My Name.

han so hee

Han So Hee, on the other hand, had to overcome several difficulties and challenges in order to achieve her current success. Let’s take a look at Han So Hee’s journey from when she was a kid.

A childhood lived with her grandmother due to her parents’ divorce

Looking at Han So Hee’s elegant appearance, perhaps few would expect that the actress had a difficult childhood. She had to work hard to take care of her grandmother and pay off her mother’s debts.

han so hee

Han So Hee’s parents divorced when she was five years old. As a result, she moved in with her grandmother. Seeing her grandmother having to care for her despite old age, Han So Hee made a pledge to herself that she would make a lot of money. When she turned 20, Han So Hee moved alone from Ulsan to Seoul with only 300,000 won to find opportunities to changer her life. She had her first job in Seoul as a waitress at a bar. A year later, she decided to attend auditions and starred in a number of MVs, including Tell Me What To Do (SHINee), That Girl (Jung Yong Hwa), and The Hardest Part (Jung Yong Hwa) (Roy Kim),… She then went on to work as an advertisement model for contact lenses, cosmetics, mobile games, and snacks.

Han So-hee

Han So Hee soon drew keen attention for her stunning looks. Her life began to take a radically different turn as well. Her fame has grown tremendously as a result of her frequent appearances in commercials. Han So Hee began to receive offers from drama producers and directors.

Tattooing and smoking

Han So Hee rose to fame following the massive success of The World of the Married. However, it was at this time that she got embroiled in controversy regarding her past.

Specifically, Han So Hee’s pre-debut smoking and tattooing photos were revealed. Han So Hee’s previous rebellious image once sparked controversy. But instead of denying her past, Han So Hee confidently and straightforwardly admitted that was who she was when she was younger.

han so hee

Sharing with “Sports TV News”, she said: “That image of me back then was me, and I am still me. My worldview isn’t that different now, compared to myself then. When you start working, doesn’t every experience some kind of restriction from their daily lives? Now that I think about it, those moments completed who I am today. It’s even funny to call it ‘my past.’ Those photos were from merely three or four years ago. I’m fine. I think some of my fans who are women even loved those sides of me. I am very grateful.” 

han so hee

When addressing her tattoos, Han So Hee mentioned that one of them is a lily flower, which represents her grandma. She chose to tattoo this flower with the intention of forever being at her grandma’s side.

Does not want to get married because of past trauma

Witnessing her parents’ broken marriage at an early age, Han So Hee seemed to have lost trust in love and family happiness. As a result, when asked about her thoughts following the end of the drama The World of the Married, she stated: 

han so hee

“To be honest, I don’t think I’ll get married. It’s uncomfortable trying to understand how Tae Oh and Da Kyung feel when they do unethical things. I used to believe that all a marriage needed was love. Da Kyung and I had one thing in common, yet we both changed after watching this drama. Marriage and family cannot be maintained just by love. As a result, I assumed that getting married would be impossible or extremely difficult.”  

A series of photos proving Han So Hee’s natural beauty

Han So Hee, with her stunning visuals and almost flawless facial features, will undoubtedly face allegations of plastic surgery. However, if you look at unedited past photos of Han So Hee, you will no longer doubt her beautiful appearance.

han so hee

Some beautiful image of Han So Hee:

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