Han So-hee showed off her bony shoulder line and flat belly, her tattoo is as sophisticated as her beauty

Actress Han So-hee drew attention after revealing the tattoo on her body.

On the afternoon of May 9th, actress Han So-hee posted several photos on her Instagram.


The photos released are photos of Han So-hee for the brand Balenciaga. Han So-hee is wearing a bra top, a denim jacket matched with blue jeans to complete a “Denim Fashion” that is difficult for anyone to pull off. From her prominent collarbone to her narrow waistline, Han So-hee‘s slim body stands out.


The leaf-shaped tattoo on Han’s lower abdomen is also impressive. Somehow, the tattoo goes so well with Han So-hee’s sophisticated visual.


In the past, Han So-hee had various tattoos engraved on her body but had erased them for her acting career. Many people are expressing interest in whether her tattoo shown in the photoshoot this time is just makeup or it was actually inked on Han So-hee’s skin.

han so hee

Meanwhile, when Han So-hee was receiving a lot of love for her performance in JTBC’s “The World of the Married,” her predebut “tattoo photos” and “cigarette photos” circulated on the online community, drawing much attention.

Regarding this, Han So-hee said in an interview after the ending of “The World of the Married,” “It’s me then and it’s still me now. My thoughts at that time and my thoughts now are not different,” she said.

han so hee

She went on to say, “After I started working in this field, I realized I would have some restrictions in my life. It’s funny to say that I’m only my perfect self now thanks to me in the past. It was only three to four years ago,” she said.

Meanwhile, Han So-hee appeared in the recently released Disney+ original series “Soundtrack #1.” “Soundtrack #1” depicts a music romance in which a man and a woman, who are best friends of 20 years, stay together in one house for two weeks and get to know each other’s hearts.

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