The cutest reaction of WINNER Mino when he heard BLACKPINK Jennie’s solo song

Shippers of Mino and Jennie freely rejoiced as the former cutely reacted to Jennie’s solo song.

The close relationship between WINNER’s Mino and BLACKPINK’s Jennie is common knowledge to every YG stan, to the point that they become a popular ship among fans. The two’s interactions also often become hot topics, and recently, history has repeated itself as the WINNER member had the cutest reaction when he heard Jennie’s song in “Knowing Brothers.”

Mino got super excited when Jennie’s hit song “SOLO” was played in “Knowing Brothers”

In particular, Mino, along with the guests and casts of the show, was playing a game where they guessed song titles, and Mino scored a point when “SOLO” came up. After getting it right, the rapper cheerfully sent a message to his junior, saying: “Jennie, I got your song”, before starting to dance the full choreography with no missed movements. The moment quickly went viral among YG stans, who adored cute interactions between their idols.

Mino got excited when he correctly guessed Jennie’s song.
Jennie ah, your “older brother” got your song!
Mino’s cover of “SOLO” was a perfect copy of the original.

Mino and Jennie are as close as family, and they often send each other support on both SNS and off the stage. Jennie often visits Mino’s exhibitions and concerts, while Mino invites Jennie to join him on variety shows.

The friendship between Mino and Jennie is a famous male-female one in the Kpop industry.
Jennie and Mino at the latter’s art exhibition.
The duo snapped a photo together in 2018, after Jennie won an Inkigayo cup for her song “SOLO”.

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