“Block the front door with a car”… Drama “History of Losers”, controversy over public harm

Amid controversy over the revelation that the drama “History of Losers” caused inconvenience to residents at the filming site, the production company delivered their position.

On May 10th, the production company of the drama History of Loserssaid in a phone call with Top Star News, “The filming team learned about the controversial post and is figuring out the situation.” The production company also added, “We are currently discussing follow-up measures with the production team, including the filming team.”

The controversy surrounding “History of Losers” began with a post titled “Is this how a drama filming team is supposed to be?” that was uploaded on an online community on May 9th. The author posted several photos, saying, “I opened the door to go out, but something was blocking the front of the house.”

History of Losers

The published photos are pictures of the author’s gate. In front of the house, a large car that appears to be a filming team’s vehicle is blocking the door. In addition, the vehicle is parked in a fire truck-only zone, and in front of it is the sign “Filming History of Losers“.

Regarding this, the author explained, “At that time, there was a controlling staff, so I said ‘This is in front of the gate as well as the fire truck-only zone. Please don’t park here.’ The staff kindly told me ‘I’m sorry. I’ll ask them to take it out.’ Afterwards, at around 8 PM, it wasn’t there anymore, so I thought ‘They took it away.'”

The author continued, “Then, around 9 o’clock, another SUV stopped in front of the house. There was an incident earlier and I didn’t want to get angry, so I asked him to take the car out. He said ‘I’m sorry. Can I have 5 minutes?’ He spoke politely, and I thought ‘He certainly has something to do’ because there is a seniors welfare center nearby, so I agreed. However, after a while, I heard the sound ‘Stand by, cue.’ When I went out, the SUV was still in front of the gate.”

The author added, “If they park the car in front of the gate, I can only open a third of the door. Eventually, I was filming to report it, but the filming staff came and asked ‘Is it because of the car?’ At that time, I said ‘I asked you to take the car out during the day. What’s your purpose of parking here again? From a common-sense point of view, there’s no one who parks a car in front of the gate.’ Upon hearing this, he replied ‘I’m sorry’ and took it out. It’s still noisy because they’re filming in front of my house.”

History of Losers

Meanwhile, “History of Losers” is based on the webtoon of the same name by Kim Poong. The drama was penned by writer Kim Poong and helmed by director Kim Sung-hoon, who directed the films “Confidential Assignment” and “Rampant”. Jo Byung-gyu, Song Ha-yoon and Ryeo-un were cast as the main characters and started filming early last month.

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