Famous Thai writer reveals BLACKPINK Lisa’s thoughts on antifans and the story of being scammed by her ex-manager

Lisa’s positive thoughts surprised netizens

A well-known Thai author recently paid a visit to Lisa’s parents’ home. This writer stated after the meeting that Lisa’s parents were both really nice persons.


During the conversation with Lisa’s mother, the writer asked whether Lisa was upset about antifans and being scammed by her former manager. Lisa’s mom responded that she had been concerned as well and had asked Lisa about these matters; nevertheless, the BLACKPINK member said that everything was fine and that everything happened not by accident.


Specifically, the writer shared: “I secretly asked about the antifans and about the old manager and if Lisa was upset. Her mother replied that she once asked Lisa the same thing before. However, Lisa thought that if anyone does something to her, it’s because she’s done something to some others before. And that maybe not in this life, so she has to pay the price and she’s not angry, she believes in fate, things don’t happen by chance.”

It is known that this writer is a famous novelist in Thailand named Rompaeng. Her famous work was made into a TV series, “Love Destiny” – which once caused a craze in Thailand. Rompaeng is also a fan of Lisa. Right after visiting Lisa’s house, Rompaeng also showed off a photo taken with the female idol’s parents.

“Today I went to work at Lisa’s house (Lisa’s mom allowed me). Both mom and dad are cute. Let’s me show off a little, please don’t kick me out of the group. I feel like life is on a completely different level.”
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