Han So Hee and ITZY Ryujin’s resemblance makes them look like twins, and they know about it too! 

Han So Hee and Ryujin have responded to being called each other’s doppelgangers. 

Although they are not related by blood, actress Han So Hee’s and ITZY’s Ryujin look strikingly alike. Not only do they have similar facial features, but they also exude the same powerful and attractive aura. This makes netizens have trouble telling the two of them apart sometimes. 

Recently, fan-edited photos of Han So Hee and Ryujin into one by putting them side by side and shared it on Instagram. Taking selfies at the same angle, they look even more like twins. Notably, Han So Hee saw this post and liked it. Previously, Ryujin also expressed that she felt happy when she read comments saying she looks like Han So Hee

Turns out, not just fans who see Han So Hee and Ryujin’s resemblance, the stars themselves know about it too. Seeing their cute reactions to being each other’s lookalikes, netizens are now looking forward to seeing Han So Hee and Ryujin in the same frame even more. If this duo stands next to one another someday, it will undoubtedly create a breathtaking “visual explosion”! 

ITZY Ryujin Han So Hee
ITZY Ryujin Han So Hee
… and Han So Hee are famous for being lookalikes among Korean female celebrities 
ITZY Ryujin Han So Hee
They are not actual siblings, and they are active in two different fields, but they share a striking resemblance 
ITZY Ryujin Han So Hee
Han So Hee liked a photo showing the similarity between her and Ryujin. Like all of us, she must be stunned by how much they look alike. 
ITZY Ryujin Han So Hee
Ryujin also showed her reaction to this earlier, saying, “I feel good when I hear that I look like Han So Hee. But I’m also worried that people might be surprised by it and be like, ‘What?’ but do I really look a bit like her?”
ITZY Ryujin Han So Hee
Han So Hee and Ryujin have the same smile, nose bridge and eyes, making netizens sometimes have difficulty telling them apart. 
ITZY Ryujin Han So Hee
The more closely you look at them, the more Han So Hee and Ryujin look like sisters from different parents. 
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