3 rising Korean actresses with the potential to become the next “Melo Queen” of K-drama

These 3 young actresses have showcased their emotional melo acting.

When it comes to the title “Melodrama queen” of the Korean small screen, the audiences often think of Choi Ji Woo, Soo Ae and Song Hye Kyo, 3 actresses born in the 70s and 80s. So how about actresses born in the 90s, who do you think deserves this title? 

The entertainment industry is gradually going through a generation transition when young stars are continuing the success of their seniors. Among the current rising actresses, we believe the following 3 names have the biggest potential to become the next “Melodrama queen”.


Overcoming the prejudices against idol actors, through Snowdrop, Jisoo has managed to prove her acting potential.


The character Eun Young Ro that Jisoo takes on suffers a lot and goes through complex mental struggles. The role is emotionally challenging for an inexperienced rookie actress like Jisoo. However, with her efforts, Jisoo has successfully immersed into the character.

Jisoo’s acting is not considered exceptional. There are still flaws but her efforts are commendable. Especially in the crying scenes, Jisoo could not have done a better job. 


Jisoo’s potential to become a melodrama queen lies not only in her flexible expressions, but also because her visuals suit this genre perfectly. With what has been shown in her first female lead role, a bright future is waiting for actress Jisoo. 

Go Min Si

Youth of May is one of the most highly appreciated dramas of 2021 because of its well-written script and great acting. Notably, the acting of the main couple, specifically Go Min Si, left a strong impression. 

go min si

In her previous series such as Love Alarm or Sweet Home, Go Min Si took on feisty and mean side characters. But in Youth of May, she completely transformed her image to become a kindhearted female lead with a determination for a better future. Her character suffers from a heartbreaking fate, through which Go Min Si’s acting was challenged to the highest level.

go min si

Go Min Si absolutely nails tragic scenes, crying segments that left the viewers heartbroken. Through Youth of May, Go Min Si has proven her diversity and the drama is a confirmation of her potential to pull off roles in more melodramas in the future.

Kim Hyun Soo

In her debut film Silenced in 2011, Kim Hyun Soo excellently showed her acting potential in heartbreaking and triggering scenes. In season 3 of The Penthouse: War In Life, among the young cast, Kim Hyun Soo has the most captivating performance. She makes the viewers pity her character Bae Ro Na as they feel the pain of a teenager who is forced to go through too many tragedies. 

kim hyun soo

Although she is younger than both Jisoo and Go Min Si, Kim Hyun Soo is their senior as she has been acting since she was a child. Kim Hyun Soo has a pretty face, diverse acting and also experience. She promises to become a top sought-after actress in the future once she gets cast as the lead in a good drama. 

kim hyun soo

Kim Hyun Soo is also considered a young version of Son Ye Jin because of the similarities in their appearances. Hopefully, Kim Hyun Soo will have a glorious career like the “nation’s first love”. Or at least an actress that guarantees success for the melodrama genre in the years to come.

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