Interesting connections between two dramas “River Where the Moon Rises” and “Jinxed at First”

Drama fans recently pointed out similarities between “River Where the Moon Rises”, which ended last year, and the ongoing drama “Jinxed at First”.

“River Where the Moon Rises” is a historical drama that tells about the love and fate between Princess Pyeonggang and On Dal, characters from the Goguryeo folktale. “Jinxed at First”, on the other hand, is a modern fantasy-romance drama that depicts the love story between a poor and unlucky man and a chaebol girl.

First of all, both “River Where the Moon Rises” and “Jinxed at First” are director Yoon Sang-ho’s works that were aired on KBS. 

River Where the Moon Rises jinxed at first

Taking a closer look at the cast lineup of these two dramas, more interesting things will be unveiled.

Na In-woo: In “River Where the Moon Rises”, Na In-woo proved his synchronization with his character On Dal and performed romance acting passionately. In “Jinxed at First”, he transformed into a fish seller named Gong Soo-kwang. He was jinxed and became an unlucky man who brings bad luck wherever he goes. 

– Lee Ji-hoon and Choi Yu-hwa: The two played General Go Geon and Hae Mo-young in “River Where the Moon Rises”. They recently made a special appearance in the past of the witches with secrets in “Jinxed at First”.

River Where the Moon Rises jinxed at first

– Cha Kwang-soo: “River Where the Moon Rises” Jin Pil → “Jinxed at First” Seon Il-joong, the real owner of Eunsung Capital 

River Where the Moon Rises jinxed at first

– Jung Wook: “River Where the Moon Rises” Sa Woon-am, leader of Sunno tribe → “Jinxed at First” Secretary Cha

– Hwang Young-hee: “River Where the Moon Rises” Lady Sa, who raises On Dal (Na In-woo) like her own son → “Jinxed at First” Mrs. Bang

River Where the Moon Rises jinxed at first

– Kim Dong-young: “River Where the Moon Rises” Sa Pung-gae, a close friend of On Dal → “Jinxed at First” Chief Wang 

The transformation of the actors from a historical drama to a modern drama, which are directed by the same person, makes netizens feel like the characters are being reincarnated.

River Where the Moon Rises

Meanwhile, “Jinxed at First” tells the love story that begins when Gong Soo-kwang (Na In-woo), a poor and unlucky guy, meets Lee Seul-bi (Seohyun), a woman who appears in the Seodong market and learns to get used to the outside world after being locked up in the house of a chaebol family for a long time. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:50 p.m


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