Son Ye Jin’s appearance after pregnancy rumors, accidentally revealing a detail to clarify the suspicion of being pregnant with Hyun Bin?

Netizens are extremely curious whether Son Ye Jin is pregnant or not.

After Hyun BinSon Ye Jin confirmed their romantic relationship, there have been many rumors that they would soon get married or they are living together. Most recently, Son Ye Jin is rumored to be pregnant with her first child. This rumor sparked after Son Ye Ji appeared with a chubby face and unusual lips, as a sign of weight gain of a pregnant woman.

However, Son Ye Jin’s latest series of pictures has indirectly clarified the truth about the actress’s pregnancy with her first child. In the pictures, the actress wears high-waisted pants, showing off her slim body and small waist, completely unlike a pregnant woman. However, there are still many netizens who think that the Crush Landing On You actress might still be pregnant. Her flat stomach cannot confirm anything.  The promotional photos of Son Ye Jin were also praised by netizens. Despite being 40 years old, she still looks extremely gorgeous and refreshing. She’s not aging a day and only getting more beautiful.

Son Ye Jin
Thanks to the high-waisted pants, Son Ye Jin cleverly showed off her slim and flat waist. The pregnancy rumors have since been clarified. However, there are still netizens who suspect that the actress may be in the early stages of pregnancy, so her belly is still small.
Son Ye Jin
In the new series of advertisement photos, she also confidently wears jeans that highlight her well-defined waist. Her’s body is the dream of many girls.
Son Ye Jin
The glowy visual of the actress also makes netizens unable to take their eyes off
Son Ye Jin
As expected from the visual goddess of the Korean entertainment industry, Son Ye Jin at the age of 40 is still looks young and gorgeous
Son Ye Jin
Despite wearing winter clothes, her’s body still looks slim
Son Ye Jin
Recently, there have been rumors that Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin both sold their house in Seoul to move into a penthouse together that costs billions. The couple is expected by netizens to get married soon after more than a year of dating.


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