Han Seo Hee copied Ryu Jun Yeol – “Similarity” or “Body-shaming”?

Former trainee singer Han Seo Hee who claimed herself to be a feminist has copied the gum smile of actor Ryu Jun Yeol on her SNS, causing many controversies.

On March 7, Han Seo Hee posted a photo on her Instagram story (which automatically disappears after 24 hours), saying, “Try copying Ryu Jun Yeol before going to bed.” In the posted picture, Han Seo Hee was smiling with her gums exposed.

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Some Internet users responded by saying, “It’s similar,” “It looks like him,” “I was surprised,” and “I thought it was Ryu Jun Yeol for a second.”


On the other hand, some netizens pointed out that Han Seo-hee was mocking Ryu Junyeol’s appearance. They said, “Why do you disrespect him like this?“, “Mocking other people’s appearance is not good…“, “This is uncivilized“, “Why do you post this on social media? You yourself are also preparing to be a celebrity, why are you so impolite“, “She is living such a low life“,…

After the situation went out of hand, Han Seo-hee immediately wrote on her Instagram on the 7th, “I just copied the pictures without any offensive intention and you guys said I was mocking him. I’m sorry if it’s inconvenient. I’ll be a more grown-up Seo-hee in the future,” she wrote in the caption.

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The netizens’ reaction over her apology is not very positive. “Seems like she is just apologizing in fear of being sued!“, “Anyone who has seen that post can see that she was trying to mock him. Ryu Junyeol, you should sue this girl!!“.

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