Han Hyo Joo exudes elegance and youthfulness with bangs in new photos by Vogue 

Han Hyo Joo shows off her elegant beauty. 

On August 23rd, through her Instagram, Han Hyo Joo posted new pictures of her photographed by Vogue Korea at a clothing store. 

In the photos, Han Hyo Joo showed off her innocent and youthful beauty with wavy black hair and bangs down. Dressed in a tweed outfit, she drew attention with her chic and elegant visuals.

Netizens reacted to Han Hyo Joo’s update, saying “Unnie, your bangs are so pretty”, “You’re so beautiful”, etc.

Meanwhile, Han Hyo Joo will appear in Netflix’s movie “Believer 2”. “Believer 2” is a crime-action film that depicts the breathtaking wars between Won Ho, who is still chasing the drug cartel run by Mr. Lee after the bloody battle at Yongsan Station, and the missing Rak, as well as Brian, who reappears in front of everyone, and the new character Keunkal (Han Hyo Joo).

Source: Naver

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