The most hardworking female Kpop idol of the year: On average, every month, she releases new songs. She also has a project that will last until the beginning of next year

Her fans must be the happiest in Kpop when they have new songs to listen to every month.

Another year of Kpop is about to pass.  Despite the impact of the epidemic, 2020 is still an exciting year for the Korean music market when many rookies debut, a series of MVs with diverse concepts are released, along with songs that make up the history of KPop when creating a series of proud achievements, …

Perhaps it is because of the Covid-19 epidemic that artists have more time at home to be creative in music, so the number of songs, especially the number of Kpop full albums this year is much higher compared to the previous years.


Almost all Kpop artists have worked hard in 2020. But there is only 1 person who on average releases a new song every month.  It’s Chungha.  In 12 months of the year, Chungha released 12 songs.


In January 2020, Chungha started the new year with a duet song with Paul Kim called Loveship.  In February, Chungha sang the soundtrack of the film My Love for the movie Romantic Dr.  Teacher Kim 2. She ended the first quarter of 2020 by releasing the product Everybody Has in early March – the song in the New Wav 2020 project of her management company, MNH Entertainment.

[MV] Paul Kim(폴킴), CHUNG HA(청하) _ Loveship
[MV] CHUNGHA (청하) – MY LOVE (나의 그대) | Romantic Dr. Teacher Kim 2 OST
[MV]청하 (CHUNG HA) – “솔직히 지친다 (Everybody Has)”

In early April, Chungha continued to contribute to the song Lie – single in DBSK Changmin’s album Chocolate  Also at the end of that month, she officially released the first product “paving the way” for her first full album titled Stay Tonight.  On the last day of May to prepare for June, Chungha ended the second quarter by releasing the digital single “My Friend” (collab with Zion.T) – the project song produced through the show Song Farm!
MAX (최강창민) – Lie (ft. CHUNG HA)
MV 청하 (CHUNG HA) – Stay Tonight
CHUNG HA 청하 ‘여기 적어줘 (My Friend) (Feat.pH-1)’ MV

In June, Chungha released the song Be Yourself to promote a brand of soft drinks.  A month later, the female idol continued to release the second “paving the way” song titled Play, featuring rapper Changmo.  She took a break for a while and then in mid-September, she released the song “You’re In My Soul” – the soundtrack of Record Of Youth.

CHUNG HA 청하 ‘PLAY (feat. 창모)’ Official MV
[MV] CHUNG HA(청하) – You’re In My Soul | Record of Youth 청춘기록 OST

Less than 2 weeks later, Chungha released a new song called Bad Boy – a song featuring Danish male singer Christopher.  Most recently, on November 27, she continued to release the third song paving the way for her first full album called Dream Of You, featuring R3HAB.  Before that time, her management company MNH Entertainment announced Chungha’s December schedule: the female idol would release X – the last “paving the way” track on the 10th before the album is released.

CHUNG HA, Christopher (청하, 크리스토퍼) – Bad Boy [Official Music Video]
MV CHUNG HA (청하) – Dream of You

Not only did she have a hard year when she released an average song a month, but Chungha also has the schedule until the beginning of next year.  After releasing 4 “paving the way” songs, the female idol will release the title song in January 2021, and release her first full album in her career.  Currently, the name of the song and the release date have not been determined.

Let’s wait and see how Chungha will “open up” in 2021 with new products.

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