Ha Do Young vs Jeon Jae Joon, who’s the better dad to “The Glory” Ye Sol? Oh Ji Yul answers

Child actress Oh Ji Yul revealed various anecdotes related to the hit Netflix drama “The Glory” in a recent interview.

On March 28th, the “Ask Me Anything” video of Oh Ji Yul, who has garnered the attention of viewers worldwide for her role as Ha Ye Sol in the Netflix series “The Glory”, was uploaded on the “ELLE Korea” YouTube channel.

oh ji yul

In the video, Oh Ji Yul was asked about her thoughts when looking in the mirror, to which the actress answered in a whisper, “It’s a secret, but actually, I’m a kind of narcissist. I’m so pretty”, adding that she sees herself as the prettiest when she has a big smile. 

At the same time, Oh Ji Yul also mentioned that her interests include drawing, playing with her dog, and learning what her mom asked her to. However, according to the actress, she likes books the most. 

oh ji yul

In response to a question about her daily life, Oh Ji Yul said, “On the weekdays, when my school’s finished, I come home and wash my hands, change into a pyjama, read a book, eating some snack, eat up my snacks and read a book, and read even more books.”

“My daily life is almost only about reading”, the actress said, emphasizing that reading is the most interesting. 

oh ji yul

She also added, “I have a friend who I go home with. In the playground in front of my home, (for) about 10 or 15 minutes? We play and go home. On Saturdays, I go to my acting school. I only have Sundays without anything. On every Sunday, I go to the library with my dad, to borrow some books.”

Afterwards, Oh Ji Yul mentioned a scene in “The Glory”, where she hangs herself on a horizontal bar. “At first just hanging on was scary, worrying, ‘What should I do if I fall down?’, the thought scared me a lot, but I got better and better with chin-ups. As I became good at it, it was fun for me, so I did it every day”, the actress said, 

According to Oh Ji Yul, she even gained abs for a while, but they are gone now.

oh ji yul
oh ji yul

Finally, when asked to select between Ha Do Young and Jeon Jae Joon in “The Glory”, Oh Ji Yul thought for a while and praised both, saying, “Do Young said like, ’My vitamin, my supplement!’, and turned me around. It was really fun. And he was really kind to me. In Jae-joon’s case…He acted very real. His acting was very good, but he was so kind to me.”

Source: Nate

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