Gong Hyo Jin “I look so untidy. I don’t know fashion trends these days”

Actress Gong Hyo Jin revealed her unexpected concern.

Gong Hyo Jin appeared on Jung Jae Hyung’s YouTube channel “Fairy Jae Hyung” on May 28th.

Gong Hyo Jin, a representative fashionista in the entertainment industry, surprised everyone by confessing, “I look so untidy. I don’t know fashion trends these days, and my taste has gone bad. Please help me. I said I’d lose weight, but I’m the same weight today.”

Gong Hyo Jin then revealed an anecdote, “I recently went on a trip with my friends. Singapore is a wonderful city. But I only took (light) clothes because it was too hot. At the airport, my friends told me, ‘Come back again. Can you take off that hat? Why did you become like this?’ So I said, ‘Hey, it’s fashionable.’ I let myself go. Naturally.


She added, “My friends said my SNS is also very boring. They told me to stop Humble, Farmer style. I’m not pursuing Humble. I have some selfies, but none of them can be used. Even when taking a group shot with my friends, I go to the end. I ask them to cut me out later. All of my friends are good at posing. But not me.”

Jung Jae Hyung responded, “You were a model.” Gong Hyo Jin talked about the 180 degree change in her tendency, “Even when I got dressed to go outside, I thought, ‘Is it too much?’ Hearing people say ‘What makes you dress up so nicely?’ is so embarrassing.

Source: Nate

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