JYP officially confirmed that all 7 members of GOT7 left the company: Stocks slipped, Mark’s father implicitly accused the company of mistreating GOT7?

On the morning of January 11, 2021, JYP Entertainment officially announced the future activities of GOT7.

On the morning of January 11, 2021, JYP Entertainment officially announced the contract status of GOT7.  Previously, the media reported that all 7 members did not agree to re-sign after their contracts ended on January 19, 2021.  Shortly thereafter, JYP Entertainment announced that the company was continuing to discuss carefully with the members to make a final decision.  And after 1 day, JYP Entertainment finally released an official announcement

Accordingly, all 7 members of GOT7 confirmed that they would leave the company after the group’s 7-year contract ended.  Sharing with the press, a representative of JYP Entertainment said: “We genuinely thank GOT7 for being part of the growth of K-pop and JYP, as well as I GOT7 and all fans who have been a source of motivation to GOT7’s activities with their endless support since their debut. Our official relationship ends here, but JYP will sincerely cheer on the new future that the GOT7 members will advance into.”

 GOT7 left JYP

Many fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the company when making the announcement with good words but were unable to seriously support the boys’ careers while they are under JYP’s management.  Entertainment.  Fans even expressed interest when the value of JYP Entertainment’s shares fell after the official announcement of the company.  However, fans also found a comment posted by Mark’s father on social media, confirming that his son and the rest of the group were “mistreated” by JYP:

– If one or two people did not re-sign, it would because of both sides. But the whole group agree not to re-sign, your company should look back.

– Stocks slumped like a slide.

 – Now that they are free, they can do whatever they like without being banned by JYP.

 – There is a page that reports about GOT7 being abused by JYP, Mark’s father also confirmed.

– The first time JYP has a group that all members leave together when the contract is over.

 – Why did you not support them wholeheartedly when they were in the company, but now you say you will support them with all your heart?

 GOT7 left JYP
 GOT7 left JYP

Notably, even at the end of the contract at this time, GOT7 will also have to wait … 3 more years to be able to register the trademark of the name GOT7.  Immediately upon their debut in 2014, JYP Entertainment registered the group’s name copyright for a period of 10 years.  This means that if they leave the company, the 7 members will not be able to use the name GOT7 in any activities unless the group re-debuted with a new name.  But this possibility is said to be quite low as the members are all aiming for solo activities.

 GOT7 left JYP

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