Goddess’ IU comebacks with new digital single ‘Strawberry Moon’

IU is returning kitsch and cute with her new single “Strawberry Moon.” Singer IU is back.

On Oct 5th, EDAM Entertainment, IU‘s management agency, released the concept teaser and track title for her upcoming digital single ‘Strawberry Moon’.

In the teaser, IU shows off her lovely charm, holding ice-cream cones in both of her hands. In particular, the colorful background and kitsch graphic elements such as dandelions and rainbows create a refreshing and adorable atmosphere, captured the viewers’ attention.

Goddess' IU comebacks with new digital single 'Strawberry Moon'

Prior to the teaser, on October 1st, IU aroused many people’s curiosity by hinting the phrase “meet again when strawberry moon comes up. from IU” along with the mysterious image of a huge red moon. As expected, the fact that the surprise spoiler was for the release of a new song was revealed through this teaser, raising fans’ anticipation.

IU’s new song this time will be released seven months after her fifth full album “Lilac” in March. The public is looking forward to a surprise from IU who has shown various concepts and music that went beyond everyone’s expectations.

Starting with the pre-released song ‘Celebrity’ and fifth full album ‘Lilac’ one after another in January, IU has been active as an actress, filming for the movie ‘Broker’ and working as a commercial model for many advertisements this year. In addition, in commemoration of her 13th debut anniversary this year, on September 18th, she had spent a more meaningful time than ever by practicing good influence through donations with cooperating brands.

Meanwhile, IU is currently preparing to release her new track.

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