Yoo Jae-seok’s “Hangout with Yoo” is warned of legal sanctions due to indirect advertisements

On May 9th, the Korea Communications Standards Commission (Chairman Jeong Yeon-ju) held a general meeting at the broadcasting center in Mokdong, Seoul. The commission had decided to impose legal sanctions on programs such as MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo“‘ that excessively highlight indirect advertising products.

The Korea Communications Standards Commission tagged “Hangout with Yoo” as “Cautious” as the show excessively highlights how the performers refer to the features of indirect advertiser products and expose the music video of campaign songs related to those brands.

Hangout With Yoo

During the preparation process of the “Dotori Festival” on “Hangout with Yoo,” which aired on December 18th last year, Yoo Jae-seok said, “We have something to introduce,” and the music video of the campaign song collaborated with John Legend, the brand’s ambassador, was played on the rollable TV.

Hangout With Yoo

Other programs such as EBS 1TV’s “There is no such thing as a bad dog” which excessively highlighted the scenes of using indirect advertiser products, which are dog cognitive impairment treatments, and even exposed the product’s review on a separate screen, and NQQ Discovery’s “After hard work” which awarded the winners with the sponsor’s phone and help them sell their used cell phone to advertise the indirect PPL, are all tagged with the “Cautious” warning.


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