Different choices of K-pop idols born in 2004 ahead of the college entrance exam

These 2004-born idols have different choices ahead of the CSAT. 

On November 17th, Korea’s College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) for the 2023 academic year will be held. As a result, the topic of idols going to college has also become a hot topic. 

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IVE’s Jang Wonyoung chose not to take this year’s CSAT in order to focus on her activities. Liz, a member of the same age, also expressed her will to prioritize work. NMIXX’s Sullyoon, STAYC’s Yoon and J, will also focus on their main jobs. There are many idols who announced that they would not take the CSAT. Is it because an academic background no longer holds much meaning for idols? Many Koreans are also respecting their decision.

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On November 8th, Starship Entertainment, IVE’s agency, released a statement about Jang Wonyoung and Liz’s entrance exam, saying, “We have been discussing for a long time about Jang Wonyoung and Liz taking the CSAT, but we have made this decision based on the opinion that they want to focus on their activities now.”

Lee Yoo Jin

Actor Lee Yoo Jin, who made his name known through the drama “SKY Castle”, also will not take the CSAT this year.  An official from his agency explained to the media, “Lee Yoo Jin will not take the CSAT this year. At the end and the beginning of this year, he has something to prepare for.” Conversely, actress Ahn Seohyun will take the exam on time this year. She has been active as a child actress starting with the drama “Love Marriage” in 2008, “Dream High”, movies “Okja”, “Monster”, and so on. She is aiming to go to college for various experiences.

Unlike the past when college admission was a must, a flexible perception of college admission in Korea has been established and it is better to stick to each person’s field. Controversy over the special case for college entrance, and the negative gaze, also played a role. In addition, it is expected that the burden of paralleling college life and work would not be small.


IU is a representative star who chose to not go to college. IU, who walked the route as an artist rather than a college student in 2012, has been active in various fields from music to acting.  

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ahn yujin

Suzy, Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Young Ji, and Ahn Yu Jin are working hard on their activities regardless of their academic background. The choice of those who want to develop their skills in their respective fields, regardless of whether they go to school or not, should be respected.

Source: Naver.

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