Fans refute BLACKPINK Jisoo’s dating rumor while YG stays silent

Fans of BLACKPINK Jisoo have disproved the dating allegations between her and football player Son Heung Min. Meanwhile, YG Entertainment – Jisoo’s agency – remains silent.

BLACKPINK Jisoo Son Heung Min

Recently, pieces of evidence proving that Son Heung Min and Jisoo (BLACKPINK) are dating have been spread by netizens on social media platforms. Those who raise the suspicion noted that Son Heung Min and Jisoo returned from France on the same day (October 5). The rumor stems from the fact that Jisoo used to watch Son Heung Min’s game in England before and that the two were spotted wearing similar bracelets that look like ‘couple items’. Netizens also speculated that Son Heung Min often implicitly expresses affection for his girlfriend Jisoo based on his frequent ‘bracelet kiss’ as a goal celebration.

BLACKPINK Jisoo Son Heung Min

This is not the first time Son Heung Min and Jisoo get embroiled in dating rumors. In 2019, the Singaporean newspaper ‘The Straits Times’ reported that Jisoo directly went to watch Son Heung Min’s match in London and brought up the dating rumor between the two.

In response to the rumor, YG Entertainment has remained silent and refused to answer the question from reporters. As there is no official statement and rumors continue to spread, Jisoo’s fans have actively refuted the proofs listed out by netizens and claimed that this is a ‘false dating rumor’. According to Jisoo’s fans, in 2019, Jisoo visited London to attend Fashion Week and watched the Crystal Palace match on September 15 with a staff. They also pointed out that there is evidence on the staff’s SNS that he is a fan of Son Heung Min.

BLACKPINK Jisoo Son Heung Min

Regarding the couple bracelets, the fans explained that the brands are different and there is photo evidence on SNS of the designer who gave Jisoo the bracelet as a gift. Most importantly, regarding allegations that the two flew back to Korea together from France, fans refuted by saying, “Jisoo returned home after completing her Paris Fashion Week schedule, while Son Heung Min was on a transit flight through Paris with other players because there was no direct flight to Korea after the match in England on October 3.”

Source: Daum

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