Police urgently investigate a rave of a big money and Korean celebs, a famous female idol identified

The YouTube channel Garo Sero Institute continues to shock people with showbiz secrets about female idols participating in a rave.

Last month, the former reporter Kim Yong Ho’s YouTube channel Garo Sero Institute became the focus of netizens by “exposing” Han Ye Seul‘s past, accusing her husband Choi Ji Woo of adultery. Despite being sued by the actress Han Ye Seul, the former reporter continued to livestream, revealing a series of “Secret History” of the Korean entertainment industry.

In the latest video, this former reporter revealed that there were female stars and celebrities attending the swimming pool party of a giant surnamed Kim being investigated by the police. This tycoon is being accused of bribing prosecutors, police, journalists and politicians, to sponsor a variety of celebrities. Mr. Kim leads a debauched lifestyle, regularly holding parties at a secret villa in Pohang, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea.

After a period of exposing Han Ye Seul, the former reporter turned to reveal a giant…
… who has a hobby of “sponsoring” for celebrities, bribing police, prosecutors, politicians to hide illegal actions
The most shocking thing is that the giant Kim often hold wild parties at his private villas, inviting a mass beautiful and young stars and idols

About these rowdy pool parties, reporter Kim Yong Ho decided to keep who attended a secret. But he said there was a female idol, who is still active, posting selfies with those drunk men and women.

Despite the constant urging of netizens, Kim Yong Ho still did not reveal this woman’s identity. The former reporter said the police were aware of the incident, and if he revealed it, “the gates of hell will open, the effects will  reach far beyond disbanding”. Currently, netizens are witch hunting for this woman’s identity.

The identity of the female idol who attended the rave and took pictures is still a mystery

Despite being sued by Han Ye Seul,…
… former reporter Kim Yong Ho still regularly livestreams to “debunk” the secrets of K-showbiz

Sources: dispatch

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