“Anna” director’s cut is ready to be released as the Korea Media Board has completed the reviewing process

The Korea Media Board has finally finished reviewing Coupang Play’s “Anna” director’s cut.

According to the Korea Media Rating Board on the morning of July 10th, episodes 1 to 8 of “Anna” director’s cut have been marked suitable for viewers aged 15 or older.

The ratings of “Anna” director’s cut episodes 1 to 4 were confirmed on August 5th, episodes 6 to 8 were then finalized on August 8th and episode 5 on August 9th, completing the reviewing process.

Earlier, director Lee Joo-young’s legal representative said in a press release,The ongoing six-episode version of ‘Anna’, was unilaterally edited by Coupang Play without discussing with director Lee Joo-young, who wrote and directed the drama. Not only did they reduce the number of episodes, the intention of the storyline, directing, editing, and narratives were all greatly damaged.

Coupang Play responded, “We had delivered specific requests for modification to the director over the past few months, but the director has refused to do so”, adding “With the consent of the production company Content Lab, and under our rights stipulated in the contract, we edited the work to match the original production intention.”

They continued, “The director’s cut of “Anna” with a total of 8 episodes will be released in August as soon as the reviewing process of the Korea Media Board is completed.”

Therefore, only the release is left. Opinions on both sides’ claims are expected to change when “Anna” director’s cut is released. 

Source: daum

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