Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Parts Way with SM Entertainment After 16 Years

Sunny, well known as a member of Girls’ Generation and also the niece of Lee Soo Man, has left SM Entertainment.

On August 8th, Sunny posted on her account, “Along with my gratitude for the 16th anniversary of Girls’ Generation’s debut, I have something I want to share.” In a lengthy post, she announced the end of her contract with SM Entertainment, the agency she had been with for 16 years since her debut.

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She expressed, “Looking back, there are so many people I’m thankful for over the 16 years.” She mentioned Girls’ Generation members, family, staff, and fans. She also mentioned, “I want to express my gratitude and farewell to SM, which played a big role in allowing 19-year-old Lee Sunkyu to debut as Girls’ Generation’s Sunny.

Sunny extended her gratitude to the managers who had worked hard with her throughout her 16 years in the entertainment industry, and to all the employees who had helped her bring positive energy to many through various stages and content with good music and good performances.

She revealed, “Debuting as Girls’ Generation and meeting the members and SONEs made me happy. Now, in a new environment, I’m trying to see myself from a different perspective.” She added, “No matter what days come, I will continue to move forward as the energetic Sunny.” 

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SM Entertainment also told Xsports News on the same day, “Sunny’s exclusive contract with our company has ended,” and conveyed their gratitude to Sunny for her wonderful activities during her long time with the company. They wished her well on her new path and bid a beautiful farewell.

Recently, a message celebrating Girls’ Generation’s 16th anniversary was released, and only the names of Girls’ Generation members under SM, excluding Sunny—Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Yoona—were included. This led to speculations until both Sunny and SM officially addressed it.

Especially noteworthy is that Sunny is well known as the niece of SM’s founder and former general producer, Lee Soo Man. Therefore, attention was drawn to her direction as Lee Soo Man left SM due to management conflicts.

snsd sunny

After the management conflicts settled, Kim Min Jong, who had a special relationship with Lee Soo Man, left SM. Super Junior’s Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Donghae also recently concluded their contracts. Subsequently, it was announced that Sunny had left SM.

During the time when rumors were circulating, Sunny told fans on Bubble, “I also come across and learn about many things through the news, so I can’t say much about it.” She also assured fans, “As long as we continue to care for each other, we’ll maintain a lasting relationship, so don’t worry too much, don’t be shaken, let’s just get along well together.”

Sunny made her debut as a member of Girls’ Generation in 2007 and engaged in active group activities. She further expanded her career in various fields such as entertainment programs, radio DJing, and musicals. After Lee Soo Man’s departure from SM and her subsequent departure, there is keen interest in Sunny’s future.

Source: Daum.

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