(G)I-DLE Yuqi flaunts ‘queencard’ visual with transparent white skin & back exposed outfit

(G)I-DLE member Yuqi showed off her flawless skin in new SNS photos.

On June 22nd, Yuqi posted several photos on her Instagram account and left only an airplane emoticon in her caption.

The released pictures show Yuqi doing various poses in a pink sleeveless top that coolly reveals her back. In particular, she stole the attention with her beautiful big eyes and transparent white skin.

In response to Yuqi’s update, fans and netizens commented, “I hope the world is filled with pretty things like Yuqi”, “Have a safe trip, Yuqi”, “I love you noona”, “Yuqi, you are too pretty”, etc.

Meanwhile, Yuqi left for New York on the morning of the same day to attend the 22nd ALL-America Korean Sports Festaval with (G)I-DLE members.

Source: Nate

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