“Street Woman Fighter” best dancers, chosen by “Produce 101” Bae Yoon-jeong

Choreographer of many idol performances, Bae Yoon-jeong, picked the best dancers of “Street Woman Fighter”. 

On Oct 1st, Bae Yoon-jeong uploaded onto her Youtube channel a review video of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter”. She revealed that she was a fan, and was enthusiastically following the show on TV.

street woman fighter

The PD then asked her while she was talking about the dance battle, “Is there anyone who you think is so good at dancing?”

She then answered, “I’ve already acknowledged Honey J since long ago. Honey J is the only one among dancers that makes me think she was really good at dancing”. She continued to talk about her relationship with Honey J.

street woman fighter

One moment where Bae Yoon-jeong thought that she danced well was when she met Honey J on Mnet’s “Hit The Stage”. “It was a show where dancers and singers formed teams with each other and do dance battles. I was the judge and Honey J was one of the contestants”.

“That’s why when I opened my dance academy, I contacted her”, revealing that she used to work with Honey J.

street woman fighter

However, as times went by, the academy leans more to a more “K-pop idol” than “street dance” style, which resulted in them parting ways. But they are still contacting and have a good relationship still.

She also admitted that Aiki is not just an average dancer, and also a senseful one.

street woman fighter

Then she proceeded to compliment Lee Jung and Gabi. While Lee Jung is the style of dancer that take and play along with the music, Gabi has “the same view as me, and her dance is also the style I like”.

Bae Yoon-jeong is the choreographer of many girl groups such as KARA, T-ARA, Brown Eyed Girls,… She also appeared on the “Produce 101” series as the charismatic dance teacher.

street woman fighter

Source: Insight

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