Is Kim Sae Ron truly facing financial hardships? Expensive apartments + foreign cars

It was previously reported that actress Kim Sae Ron worked part time at a cafe due to financial difficulties after her drunk drinking scandal.

On November 4th, an official from Kim Sae Ron’s agency, Gold Medalist Entertainment, said to several media outlets that, It is true that Kim Sae Ron once worked part time at a cafe due to financial difficulties. But now, she has quitted and is reflecting quietly.”

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It is said that Kim Sae Ron spent all her savings on settlements with affected businesses and compensation for the damages she caused in her drunk driving controversy. She met with about 30 merchants to compensate for the damages, and could not reach an agreement with one.

However, some netizens raised questions about Kim Sae Ron’s supposed financial hardships and “self-reflection”. They pointed out that Kim Sae Ron showed off her luxury apartment complex through an entertainment show 2 years ago.

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According to various media reports, Kim Sae Ron’s house is estimated to be between 158 and 161 meter square in terms of structure. Its current sale price is between 2 billion and 2.1 billion Korean won (around 1.4 million USD).

In addition, she also previously posted a photo of a Bentley car worth 200 million won (around 142,000 USD) on social media. The vehicle she drove while drunk was also a Range Rover SUV worth 100 million won. As Kim Sae Ron has been active since her childhood and amassed enough wealth to be called “Young and Rich”, the statement regarding her “financial difficulties” was brought to question.

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Meanwhile, at 8 AM (KST) on May 18th, Kim Sae Ron hit a structure several times while driving under the influence of alcohol near the Hak-dong intersection in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and was caught by the police.

The police arrested Kim Sae-ron, who was escaping about 640 meters from the scene of the accident. Kim Sae-ron refused to measure her blood alcohol level and took a blood sample at a nearby hospital.

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At that time, Kim Sae-ron’s blood alcohol concentration reached 0.2%. Her license revocation criterion is 0.08%. Kim Sae-ron’s side expressed her apology, saying, “I am deeply reflecting.” 

However, the authenticity is also in doubt. A YouTuber revealed that Kim Sae-ron had a drinking party during her self-reflection. He said she had a birthday party with her friends two months after the drunk driving accident.

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This YouTuber also revealed Kim Sae-ron’s birthday card. In the photo, ‘Ron’s Birthday’ was written, and there was the phrase ‘Preparation: body and alcohol’. 

Source: dispatch

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