Actress Kim Sae Ron confirmed to work part-time at a cafe after her drunk-driving scandal 

It has been confirmed that actress Kim Sae Ron once worked part-time at a cafe due to financial difficulties. 

On November 4th, an official from Kim Sae Ron’s side told media outlet Business Star Today, “It is true that Kim Sae Ron once worked part time at a cafe due to financial difficulties. But now, she has quitted and is reflecting quietly.” 

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Previously on November 3rd, Kim Sae Ron’s current status was revealed by Youtuber Lee Jin Ho, who announced on a video that he “received a tip about Kim Sae Ron working part-time at a cafe”. 

He also added, “Kim Sae Ron is known to have spent all the money she saved during her previous activities on settlement with businesses and compensation for the damages she caused in her drunk-drink controversy.”

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In fact, Kim Sae Ron  has been actively working and amassing wealth since her childhood days, but it is reported that she is suffering from hardships due to the large amount of compensation for traffic accidents, settlements, and advertising penalties.

Back on May 18th, Kim Sae Ron was charged with DUI (drinking under influence) in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul around 8 am (KST). The actress’ drunk driving caused power outages and signal paralysis in the area, and some surrounding stores suffered financial damage as their businesses were disrupted.


At the time, when the police, who were dispatched to the site after reports from citizens, tried to measure the blood alcohol level, Kim Sae Ron refused to do so and requested a blood sample. The blood test later revealed that Kim Sae Ron’s alcohol concentration in her blood was about 0.2%, well above the 0.08% standard for revocation of her driving license.

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The day after the incident, Kim Sae Ron posted an apology on her SNS, bowing her head and saying, “I made a big mistake while intoxicated. With my wrong judgment and actions, I caused damage to so many people, including merchants, citizens, and those who trusted and supported me. I should have acted more cautiously and responsibly, but I couldn’t. I sincerely apologize.”

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Since then, Kim Sae Ron has personally visited buildings and shopping malls that have suffered financial damage due to her drunk driving accident, apologized and tried to compensate for the damage. According to her agency, she met with all 30 merchants to complete compensation, and she was reportedly unable to reach an agreement with one.

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