(G)I-DLE Shuhua posted a fatal “bed selfie” in only lingerie and nightgown 

Shuhua from girl group (G)I-DLE blew everyone away with her unconventional look during the promotion of new title song “Nxde”.

Last month, girl group (G)I-DLE released a new song “Nxde” (Nude) and met with fans after a long time.

(G)I-DLE then drew attention by releasing a concept photo that was as shocking as the title “Nude”, with all 5 members in bleached blonde hair and showing off a lingerie look with red lips, exuding a unique sexiness that has never been seen in the industry.


In particular, member Shuhua’s transformation was enough to surprise fans.

This is because it is known that Shuhua does not like bleaching or dyeing her hair, and would avoid wearing clothes that are too revealing.

As a result, attention is being focused on Shuhua’s new image, who have boldly changed her appearance for the new album concept.

(g)i-dle shuhua instagram

Recently, Shuhua posted several photos on his Instagram, and took fans by surprise. 

In particular, the female idol can be seen posing seductively on bed with her blond hair. Her features are also highlighted with red lipsticks and a smokey makeup up, while her hair is swept up and her eyes radiate a fatal intensity. 

(g)i-dle shuhua instagram

Shuhua is also wearing only a black slip nightgown and silk jacket on top, showing off her straight shoulders and delicate collarbone.

In such an appearance, Shuhua’s selfies give off a completely different mood from her other photos. 

With blonde hair, fair skin, intense red lips, and even a beauty mark under her eye, fans can’t help but be reminded of the late Marilyn Monroe.

(g)i-dle shuhua instagram

Fans who stumbled upon Shuhua’s photos show enthusiastic responses, leaving comments like, “You are so pretty”, “Your beauty is fatal”, “Shuhua’s unique charm is also one of a kind”, and “The cute Shuhua has become sexy”.

Meanwhile, Shuhua, born in 2000, is a Taiwanese citizen and debuted as the youngest member of (G)I-DLE in 2018.


(G)I-DLE has been gaining popularity through unusual concepts from the beginning of their career, and took the top spot on music shows within only 20 days after their debut.

In addition, the girl group was called a “monster rookie”, having swept up 7 rookie awards at various award ceremonies and leaving hit songs such as “LATATA”, “HANN”, “Senorita”, “DUMDi DUMDi”, and ‘TOMBOY’.

(G)I-dle poster

(G)I-DLE, with their outstanding presence, intense stage performance, and powerful skills, has also grown significantly in the domestic fandom, establishing themselves as one of the trending girl groups.

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